12 People Who Seem to Know the Secret of Eternal Youth

3 years ago

Coco Chanel once said, “The age of a woman is not important: you can be wonderful in your 20s, amazing in your 40s and stay fabulous for the rest of your life.” And the people featured in our article are a bright example of this.

We at Bright Side invite you to look at these people who stay classy despite their age.

12. Yasmina Rossi, age 63

A 63-year-old French model named Yasmina is sure that a woman’s beauty grows with her age. She claims that it’s the organic diet she is keeping that helps her to preserve her beauty. Since the model grew up in Corsica, she started sticking to organic food long before this trend became popular. Moreover, the natural oils that Yasmina uses on her hair and skin, as well as her moderate physical activity, affect the way she looks positively.

11. Carol Alt, age 57

A Canadian model and actress named Carol Alt feels full of energy. Her size of 89-60-89 impressed and infatuated the racer, Ayrton Senna and then the hockey player, Alexei Yashin. Ayrton taught her to drive sports cars and Alexei, who is 13 years younger than her, is trying to unteach her to drive sports cars. The model doesn’t have any beauty tricks but says the secret to her gorgeous shape is that she considers a raw diet.

10. Jilly Johnson, age 64

It’s hard to believe, but being a woman over 60, Jilly Johnson is famous not for books about raising grandchildren but as a model of lingerie. She jokes that over the last 12 years, her husband was paying more attention to taking care of himself than she was. Jilly prefers cosmetic items checked by time over the newest expensive cosmetics. She uses kids’ shampoo for washing her hair and uses a regular flannel napkin instead of a facial scrub.

9. Nicola Griffin, age 57

Nicola Griffin can’t boast about being a celebrity for a long time or about numerous appearances on runways — she only started her career as a model several years ago. When her kids left the house, Nicola found an agent and started to work. Today she takes part in shoots for clothing ads, catalogs, and advertising campaigns — she also appears in TV commercials and on billboards.

8. Mike O’Hearn, age 49

A famous bodybuilder and model, the winner of the “Mr. Universe” contest, and one of the 12 best officially recognized athletes of all time; Mike O’Hearn proves with his own example that not only can one reach all their set goals with hard work but also by controlling time. The athlete starts his day at 3 a.m. daily so that he has enough time for training and doesn’t miss any of his 6 meals in order to save energy for his second training session each evening.

7. Marie Helvin, age 65

There was a time when Marie Helvin was called the most beautiful woman in the world, however, now at the age of 65, she looks even more gorgeous. Marie says that since she doesn’t have kids, she spends all her time taking care of herself. She does sports, doesn’t smoke and keeps a strict diet. She considers the absence of disappointments in love to be another secret to her flawless appearance. Marie confesses that she has always been trying to avoid emotional closeness in relationships and it helped her to save both her mental health and beauty.

6. Ines de La Fressange, age 60

It would be wrong to call Ines de La Fressange just a model. French people consider her to be a trendsetter, an icon of style, and a model of Parisian chic. She got one of the best French awards for her achievements, The Legion of Honour. Ines considers the ability to avoid stressful situations to be the secret of her beauty because we all know that stress provokes the appearance of wrinkles. After all, most issues eventually turn out to be not as big of a deal as they seemed in the first place.

5. Gillean McLeod, age 60

Gillean McLeod confessed in one of her interviews that the best period of her life started when she turned 50. She got divorced and went through terrible changes and became a different person. All those things made her a better person. She had been working as a stylist for a long time until the moment she was offered to try modeling at the age of 53. At first, due to her natural shyness, it was difficult for her to work well but after some time, she became more self-confident. She started to make more efforts to keep herself in good shape and even starred in a swimwear commercial.

4. Yolanda Foster (Hadid), age 54

Yolanda Foster Hadid finished her career in modeling at 31 in order to devote herself to her family. Today she is the main assistant to her daughters, both full-time models. Recently she has also been helping her younger son to conquer the summit of the fashion industry. Despite the completion of this model’s career, she continues to take care of herself and keeps up with her famous daughters Gigi and Bella by pleasing her fans with photos of herself in bikinis.

3. Marnie Goldberg, age 45

Being 45, Marnie Goldberg managed to turn her life into the American dream: to devote herself to the family and to the business she loves in order to earn money for her hobby and simply be happy. She has her own YouTube Channel where she shares beauty secrets and gives recommendations on running a household and spending money.

2. Tao Porchon-Lynch, age 99

The 99-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch inspired many generations with her own example by being a fighter of the French Resistance during the Second World War as well as an actress, film producer, model, wine expert, laureate of ballroom dancing contests, and a yoga teacher. She is a living incarnation of the mantra that she herself likes to repeat: “There is nothing that you can’t do.”

1. Yang Dan, age 44

Yang Dan became a weather forecaster for the Central Television of China in 1996 at the age of 22. She has been working with the channel for 22 years since then but it doesn’t look like this woman grew at least one day older over this period. The changes in her appearance are so unnoticeable that the channel has published a video of this miraculous woman over the many years she’s worked there for All Women’s Day.

Bonus: a jubilee no one believes in

This resident of Indonesia Puspa Dewi became famous after her 2 sons congratulated her with her 50th jubilee and posted the birthday video on YouTube. Viewers couldn’t believe that she was the mother of 2 adult sons and not their sister in the photos. It’s only the cake with the number 50 on it that confirms this fact, otherwise, one could easily think that it was a prom party and not a milestone birthday.

Do you think the secret of staying eternally young hides in the latest achievements of cosmetology or mental youth? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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