I Spent £130k Extending My Legs by 5.5 Inches Because My Husband Criticized My Appearance

10 months ago

Many of us may have insecurities or hang-ups about the way we look. Height, however, normally isn’t something that can be changed. People are born with tall or small genes, and it’s something we just have to deal with. However, one woman, who was not pleased with her height, decided she wanted to be taller and went to extreme measures to change this parameter.

Theresia Fischer spent a mind-boggling sum to become taller.

Spending an eye-watering £130,000, German model Theresia Fischer underwent a grueling surgery to lengthen her legs by 5.5 inches. The surgery included inserting metal rods into her legs. As a result, she’s now towering to six-foot, but sadly the woman now wishes she hadn’t done it.

The motivation for the surgery were her ex-husband’s <strong>constant comments about her appearance.

Now the woman regrets her choice, and explains why.

In an interview, the 31-year-old model told that her ex-husband pestered her to change her appearance. She was always happy with it and didn’t even know that such surgeries existed.

Theresia revealed that her husband said to her, “Theresia, you know I like big ladies. So I would really like this. You could get up to 14 centimeters more. You can’t do anything without me. You need me.” The woman added that she was told that many times and started believing she was nothing without him.

Theresia continues, “I’ve never dealt with that before because I’ve always been happy with my body. I am ashamed because I consented to an operation that shouldn’t have had.”

She also faced huge criticism from internet users. She says, “I now feel happy and satisfied with my legs, but I’m hit by a wave of hate on the Internet. It hurts me a lot.”

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