12 People Who Treated an Epic Fail With an Epic Smile

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Life is filled with ups and downs. It is, of course, easy to enjoy the rise but our reaction to the fall is what matters the most. So, developing a light-hearted attitude toward hardships is known to ease stressful situations, and sometimes a touch of humor can be just the balance we need so that we don’t get knocked off our feet by life’s challenges.

Bright Side always seeks people who face adversities like a boss. And here we collected 12 bold folks for you who, no matter what life threw at them, took on a challenge with a positive attitude.

1. “My cousin convinced her parents to get a pet pig, she swore he’d stay tiny... That didn’t happen. Still handsome though.”

2. “I tried my hand at gardening this year. Behold my bounteous harvest in its entirety.”

3. “My accidental sacrifice in the name of art. Goodbye, eyelashes.”

4. “My friend went to Disneyland wearing the wrong shirt.”

5. “I tried teaching my niece calculus.”

6. “I clogged the toilet and my mother-in-law digs up this plunger from the basement.”

7. “Someone had a sense of humor at work.”

8. “Trash I found in 25 square feet of my forest”

9. “The roof in my apartment collapsed due to rain, but the latex paint caught the drywall.”

10. “A circle of glass got knocked out of my window by a chip of concrete thrown from a circular saw cutting curbstone outside.”

11. “One of my kids lost my Parker pen and replaced it with this one.”

12. “I lost my leg last year. Today, I got a flamingo tattoo since we both stand on one leg.”

Have you ever used sharp wit to battle a serious life challenge? We’d be thrilled to hear your story in the comment section below.

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