12 Times J. K. Rowling Was Brilliant at Shutting Down Twitter Trolls

2 years ago

J. K. Rowling, the author of world-famous Harry Potter book series, is an all around remarkable woman. Despite the difficulties of being a single mother struggling to survive, she managed to succeed and has become one of the most respectable writers of our time. But fans love her not only for her literary achievements, but also because she always speaks her mind. No wonder they call her the Queen of Twitter!

Today at Bright Side we found the most brilliant J. K. Rowling comebacks to internet trolls and fans’ questions. Some of them may sound too brutal, but she doesn’t hold back when it’s time to stand up for her beliefs.

12. A perfect reply to people who forgot that she spent many years in poverty being a single mother.

11. Haters gonna lose anyway.

10. J.K. Rowling perfectly shut down internet trolls for body-shaming Serena Williams.

9. And this is how you fight misogyny.

8. Thank you for pointing this out again.

7. This happens when someone questions her qualifications on politics.

6. It’s so hard to deal with when it comes from a stranger on the Internet.

5. Sometimes having really dedicated fans can be a challenge.

4. She is always ready to share her leisure time preferences.

3. And come up with a pet name advice.

2. Everyone has their own weaknesses.

1. The best advice ever.

Which tweet do you find the most hilarious one? Share with us in the comments!

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