12 TV and Movie Couples Who Showed Us What Love Is

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When we see romance on-screen, it gives us a glimpse into the complexities of love. Whether they are fictional or based on real-life relationships, these couples provide us with a window into the many forms that love can take and inspire us to strive for meaningful connections in our own lives.

1. Morticia and Gomez showed us in The Addams Family that every relationship doesn’t look the same. Gomez isn’t afraid to express his love for his wife, and we are here for it.

2. Jim and Pam from The Office taught us that the little things matter too, and that sometimes less is more.

3. In La La Land, Mia and Sebastian taught us that relationships mean supporting your partner’s dreams, wholeheartedly.

4. Monica and Chandler proved in Friends that a solid friendship is the foundation of a lasting relationship.

5. In Crazy Rich Asians, Rachel and Nick overcame obstacles like class, wealth, and family.

6. Mitchell and Cam from Modern Family know how to keep on surprising each other.

7. In 10 Things I Hate About You, Kat and Patrick always followed their own path and never followed the crowd. They fell in love by being themselves.

8. Lara Jean and Peter in the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before films, share love letters, and while that may seem so high school, we think it’s never too late for a handwritten letter.

9. Serena and Dan come from different worlds in Gossip Girl, but that didn’t matter for these 2 as they experienced each other’s lifestyles.

10. Katniss and Peeta taught us that you do anything to protect the ones you love. While it was an extreme version in The Hunger Games, the sentiment is the same.

11. In Spider-Man: Far from Home, MJ knows Peter is Spider-Man before he tells her. She pays attention to him.

12. Sometimes, love takes time to develop. Over the course of the films, Ron and Hermione’s bond grew, and they finally became an item in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.


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