13 Beauty Secrets That Help Kate Middleton Shine Brighter Than the Sun

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For many years, Kate Middleton has managed to hold the title of the fashion icon of Britain. Whatever the Duchess of Cambridge wears, it quickly becomes a bestseller. Even with the strict limits of royal protocol, she knows how to find unusual fashion items and bring seemingly boring things to a whole new level.

She carefully uses patterns.

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Kate often prefers monochromatic clothes. And even if she wears something with a pattern, it’s usually a classic print, like stripes, polka dots, or floral.

She tones down flashy clothes with neutral accessories.

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Kate rarely wears bold prints, like leopard print. But if she does, in order not to make the look appear vulgar, she adds neutral accessories. For example, in 2015, when she was pregnant, she appeared in a cropped coat with a catchy print, a black clutch, and simple shoes.

She prefers classic items to trendy ones.

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The Duchess is very picky about accessories. She loves classics. If she needs glasses, she chooses black Wayfarers; she prefers simple watches with metal bracelets and tennis shoes that never go out of fashion. These things also look great in both everyday and special looks.

She pays attention to her silhouette.

DOMINIC LIPINSKI / AFP / East News, AFP / East News

It’s almost impossible to see the Duchess in a loose-fitting outfit. Even when she was pregnant, she wore close-fitted clothes, be it a dress or a coat. And she highlights her waistline with carefully chosen accessories.

She knows the pros and cons of her body shape and takes them into consideration.

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Kate knows which cuts fit her, and she uses this knowledge. She is pretty athletic and has a long body. To balance out her body proportions, Middleton often wears high-rise clothes. And to make her sides more voluminous, she uses the right type of draping: folds near the stomach.

She always takes the dress code into consideration and wears suitable clothes.

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The Duchess always wears clothes that fit the occasion. Her clothes are not only really well-thought-out, but they also have a hidden meaning. For example, if she attends a sailing event, she wears clothes with a marine feel. And for St. Patrick’s Day, she wears green, symbolizing the arrival of spring.

She never allows herself more than a lady of her status should.

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Kate’s outfits are always elegant and moderate. They are never too revealing. She knows how to find the perfect balance between stylish and decent.

In 2014, Kate visited the Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year gala. She wore a pale-jade wrap dress. But Middleton managed to make the dress less revealing by adding a skirt.

She loves pearls and expertly uses them in her looks.


Kate, like her late mother-in-law, Diana, is a big fan of pearls. The Duchess has a big collection of pearl earrings, which she wears in turns.

She highlights femininity.

Dubreuil Corinne / ABACA / Abaca / East News, HANNAH MCKAY / Avalon / Photoshot / East News

Whatever she wears, she often highlights her femininity, fragility, and elegance, wearing light dresses with floral prints, lace, and details, such as bows.

She gives new life to old things, using small details.

GEORGE ROGERS / SIPA / Sipa Press / East News, GEORGE ROGERS / SIPA / Sipa Press / East News

Prince William’s wife often wears the same clothes several times. And in order to make the look fresh, Kate combines the pieces with trendy accessories. For example, this red Alexander McQueen coat got a new life thanks to the trendy checkered scarf.

She’s loyal to her favorite brands.

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For many years, she’s shown loyalty to her favorite brands. When she needs evening dresses, she asks Alexander McQueen, Erdem, or Jenny Packham. She buys coats from Catherine Walker, Hobbs, and Holland Cooper. And when she wants shoes, her favorites are L.K. Bennett, Jimmy Choo, and Stuart Weitzman.

She doesn’t skimp on hairdressers.


Perfectly styled hair is the main weapon Kate uses. She prefers the same style year after year, occasionally experimenting with the length and color.

She tries new beauty procedures, but does it carefully.

Even though she prefers very natural makeup, she doesn’t neglect different beauty looks. In 2021, her fans noticed that Kate laminated her eyebrows, which made her look more open and confident. At the same time, the result was so natural that less attentive people didn’t even see a difference.

What do you like the most about the Duchess’s style?


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