13 female qualities that men find irresistible

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Today, Bright Side offers you a list of image and personality traits that never fail to make a woman popular and desirable!


Those who consider themselves attractive become considered attractive by others.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.
Sophia Loren

If a woman firmly believes herself to be irresistible, the world at large is left with no choice but to concur. A plain-looking girl who is at peace with her appearance has far better chances of becoming popular with the opposite sex than a beauty who frets every time she discovers a tiny pimple on her nose. Self-confident women are never critical of themselves in public. They exude drive and sexuality — qualities that men are always quick to appreciate.


It is easy to be beautiful; it is difficult to appear so.
Frank O'Hara

Men tend to give preference to feminine girls who let a man be a man. Gaining a woman’s affection, taking care of her, answering her calls for help — all of this puts a guy in his natural element, making him feel big and strong. But it is important not to overplay your hand — a blatantly faked, exaggerated helplessness will only serve to irritate your man.


Beauty is an another promise of happiness.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Kind-heartedness and a readiness to care, cherish, and forgive — these are the things that distinguish a genuinely beautiful woman from a pretty but soulless doll. Being able to see the good in any situation, to look at the world with friendly eyes, to love and empathize are qualities that make you attractive, regardless of your looks. It’s a well-known fact that for men who seek a lifelong partner, kindness and inner goodness are the qualities that matter the most.


Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got.
Sophia Loren
Not every woman is born beautiful, but if she is not beautiful at 30, she is simply stupid.
Coco Chanel

Men tend to be fascinated by purposeful women, preferring them to the passive, dependent types. A truly attractive woman always knows exactly what she wants. When faced with difficulties, she never wastes her time seeking others to blame for her mistakes. She is the mistress of her fate, and that’s what makes her exciting and comfortable to be with.

Ability to live in the here and now

The saying that beauty is but skin deep, is but a skin-deep saying.
Herbert Spencer

Women who know how to live in the here and now, to be truly present in their own lives, to take pleasure in every passing moment never fail to become powerful man magnets. Men take real pleasure in the society of someone who accepts herself for who she is and remains grateful to life, no matter what. Vitality, optimism, the ability to resist the temptation to whine and criticize others — such qualities are certain to shine through and make you an object of love and attention.

Being talented at presenting oneself

Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.
Yves Saint Laurent
A woman is closest to being naked when she is well dressed.
Coco Chanel

A well-groomed, neat, tastefully dressed woman who knows her winning features and does everything to accentuate them never fails to impress. Men don’t care whether your clothes follow the latest fashion trends, but they always notice when your dress ideally hugs your curves.

Being a good hostess

A woman’s kingdom is a realm of tenderness, sophistication, and tolerance.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

As much as it might pain some ladies to hear this, being a good hostess rates very highly on the list of traits that men value the most. A woman that can cook and keep the house tidy is able to woo a man by creating a special atmosphere of warmth and coziness. To members of the opposite sex, a houseproud woman embodies the notions of peaceful relaxation and quiet, homespun happiness.

Ability to embrace happiness

A truly happy woman drives some men and almost every other woman absolutely crazy.
John Irving

Men don’t like women who get irritated easily and are constantly dissatisfied with something or someone, or women who think that other people are obliged to make them happy. On the other hand, being open to happiness, not forgetting to value the people you know, and noticing life’s positive sides turn you into a bright person everyone wants to be around.

Showing wide-eyed interest

A woman has only one way to be beautiful but hundreds of means to be charming.

One of the surest ways to capture your chosen man’s heart and mind is to show genuine interest in all aspects of his life. A demonstration of natural and sincere sympathy never goes unappreciated. At the same time, a truly attractive woman shouldn’t be afraid to let her man know about her own desires — be it in a restaurant or in bed.

Communication skills

After all, what is brilliance? Merely the tact to sow when no one is looking and reap when everyone is.
Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Men seek the company of open, sociable women who can uphold an interesting conversation without behaving as a know-it-all. A genuinely beguiling woman is witty but never perplexing. She always shows real interest in everything a man says, allowing him to feel clever, inventive, and imposing. A woman who knows how to listen is always a desirable companion.

Being graceful

There are no ugly women; there are women who do not know how to look pretty.
Jean de la Bruyere

An attractive woman’s gestures are smooth and graceful. She possesses ideal posture and a captivating stride. Her movements speak of self-confidence and being at peace with one’s body. The inimitable manner in which she swings her hips while walking has a hypnotic effect on members of the opposite sex.

Conquering men with your smile

Nothing makes us more attractive than being in a good mood.
Efim Spiegel

Smiling women with a good sense of humor have much better chances of attracting men than the constantly frowning types who are always dissatisfied with something. A radiant smile is not only a sign of cheerful demeanor — it also conveys energy and vitality. Looking into the shining joyful eyes of a beautiful woman, a man sees the promise of pleasure and happiness ahead.

Being natural and sincere

I think that sexuality is only attractive when it’s natural and spontaneous.
Marilyn Monroe

Any kind of pretense repels. A truly alluring woman is natural, open, and free of complexes. Men are drawn to sincerity. Never pretend to possess winning qualities — cultivate them in earnest!

Without doubt, all of the above-mentioned traits are important in making us popular and attractive. However, the true key to self-fulfillment lies somewhere else. We’re talking about a simple, yet indispensable quality, possessed by any woman in the world — the ability to remain oneself. Only by staying true to your unique nature, will you be able to meet that special someone you’ve always been destined for!

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