13 Grandkids Who Made Even the Toughest Grandfathers Melt (Even Bond)

3 years ago

While men play the roles of fathers, they can be quite strict. But as soon as they become grandfathers, everything changes: their hearts melt, and they are ready to do anything for them. Grandfathers try to give their grandchildren priceless experiences while also managing to stay funny.

Bright Side has done some research into the biographies of famous men and found the most moving and cute grandfathers within them. They have had really full lives and have been on many adventures that are definitely worth sharing with their grandchildren.

1. The feeling you get when your grandfather is one of the best comedic actors in the U.S.:

2. Marley’s grandfather is James Bond. But she can relax as long as she doesn’t know about it...

3. You can always send grandchildren to Kevin Costner for the summer and they will return as real men.

4. With a grandfather like this, you can always fool around!

5. One of the most devoted grandfathers is Snoop Dogg. His accounts are full of photos of his grandchild!

6. Your face when you find out that your grandfather is Ozzy Osbourne...

...and you are friends with him!

7. Dustin Hoffman is walking with his older grandson while his mother is getting her nails done.

And here’s a close-up of Hoffman’s little granddaughter.

And here, he decided to buy this super-cool toy camera to take pictures of journalists while they are taking pictures of him.

8. Charles Neville, the member of Neville Brothers gave something really valuable to his grandchild.

9. Harrison Ford is teaching his grandson how to do charity work by feeding homeless people on Christmas.

10. Jack Nicholson teaches his grandson about fashion and took him to a New York Fashion Week event.

11. Senator Kerry signed the Paris Agreement for Climate Change while holding his granddaughter Isabelle Dobbs Higginson.

12. Bill Clinton is happy to get a present for his granddaughter just like a regular grandpa!

Bonus: Prince Henry has been friends with his grandfather, Prince Philip all his life. He even chose his wedding date so that Philip could come!

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Preview photo credit Eastnews, Instagram / Jackosbourne


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