13 Photos Proving That Kids Can Light Up Every Moment of This Life

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2 years ago

When observed closely, kids can be great mentors. They are able to bring joy to our lives, teach us many valuable lessons, and light up every moment of our existence. Kids see each day as an adventure, full of learning and discovery, thanks to their free spirit and curious attitude.

The Bright Side team has gathered 13 pictures of kids to kindle some joy in your life and teach you a life lesson or 2.

1. “My sons: stem cell recipient and his donor beating leukemia”

2. “A shot I got of my son riding his first real roller coaster”

3. “My wife, holding our son in the same blanket I was brought home in”

4. “My son doing what the sign says”

5. “I crochet full-body costumes for my son! Xenomorph was this year.”

6. “How my daughter plated up my dinner”

7. “My daughter dressed as her hero, Dolly Parton.”

8. “My daughter loving on our dog”

9. “My daughters both wanted to be Wednesday Adams for Halloween.”

10. “Our son watching my wife mix up his formula”

11. “My son got his mom’s biceps.”

12. “In between cartoons and comics, my daughter likes the odd bit of crime fiction!”

13. “My son caught his first fish all by himself. Told me it was for Father’s Day. So proud.”

What is the most important lesson we can learn from children? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit Tvearl/reddit


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#9 this is the perfect mash-up of the Adam's Family and The Shining. I can just hear them.
"Come play with us Pugsley"


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