13-Year-Old Boy Found His Forever Home After Being Abandoned at a Hospital

3 years ago

Not everyone has the ability to adopt a kid. But this type of person is precisely who we want to tell you about in this article. Peter Mutabazi became a foster dad when he met Tony. And after a while they became a family. Not just on paper but in their hearts. Love, support, and going through everything together is what makes them father and son.

We at Bright Side asked Peter to tell their story. The story where strangers become closer than anyone.

A foster dad

Peter himself knows what it means to be adopted. And this is why he decided to become a foster dad.

I know I have been given so much and it was my time to bless others. I was also one of those kids who was rescued by a stranger And he loved me as his own. I had to do the same for other kids that needed the basics, like love and safety
Peter Mutabazi

Peter meets Tony

He fostered many kids and one day he met Tony.

He had been abandoned at the hospital and my social worker asked me if I could help and take him in for the weekend.
Peter Mutabazi

Tony came to Peter’s house and the decision to adopt him didn’t take long.

I knew I wanted to adopt him 3 days after he arrived at my house, especially once I heard the whole story from the social worker as she came to pick him up that Monday.
Peter Mutabazi

Birth parents left Tony when he was 2 years old. One couple adopted him when he was 4. But then they abonded him. At the age of 11 they left him in the hospital. Peter couldn’t leave Tony alone and went through with adopting him. And they finally became a family.

Being a father

Father and son are happy being together.

I can be there for my son in good and bad moments. I can protect him and provide everything he needs and I am humbled that he could call me dad
Peter Mutabazi

Peter also describes how life changes when you adopt a kid — an important note for those who are considering adoption.

The adoption will change the parent sometimes, more than it does the child. You learn to be patient, kind, and loving in times when it’s not there. You learn quickly that is about the child, not you and you learn so much about trauma and how to love the child through it all.
Peter Mutabazi

And no more words are needed. It’s enough to just look at the photos to feel their connection, their emotions, and their joy of being a family.

Have you ever thought about adopting a child? Or maybe you have already adopted one? We would like to hear about your experience in the comments.

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the joy that both of you exhume is incredible, Peter,thank you for being you,.,.,.,.,.,.,

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