14 People That Bumped Into Celebrities and Still Can’t Get Over It

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Usually, people can talk to celebrities during fan meetings and during promo campaigns for movies. But, it turns out, that you can meet a star even in a store or at the park.

The main thing you should do in this situation is believe your eyes. If you’re lucky, you can say a few words to the star or even take a photo. These lucky guys from Quora shared their stories.

  • I was working at a nightclub entrance, where minors tried to come through all the time. Once, a very attractive couple came up, and I asked for their IDs. The man, who looked very familiar, took out his wallet and the girl was looking in her purse. She said she must have forgotten her ID.
    I said I couldn’t let them in. The man looked at me and said,"Are you sure you can’t let us in?" I didn’t. At the end of the shift, I was told I turned away Ryan Gosling© Sean Forbes / Quora
  • I went out of town with friends. I was cooking and started talking to the guy next to me. I asked him what his job was, and he said, “Actor.” I didn’t recognize him and thought he was a theater actor. He said politely that while he loved the theater, he worked mainly in film.
    It wasn’t until my friend went into some kind of private shock that I thought something must be up. I expected he might be in some indie stuff. But, then other people started coming in, shocked, and the guy humbly said he was in Wolverine. I hadn’t seen it, so I didn’t recognize Hugh Jackman. Very simple and nice guy. © Mark Buckle / Quora
  • It was the weekend, and my mom called me and said, “Hey, can you come to Paul Rudd’s house tomorrow to see if you can fix his home theater?” At first, I thought, “Who’s Paul?” And then I realized it was Ant-Man!
    Of course, I agreed. Paul turned out to be a very simple and honest man. We had a great chat. © Steven Piteo / Quora
  • It was in Sydney (Australia). I was singing at a beautiful hotel. An anonymous person had sent a drink over to the piano for me. I was pleasantly shocked.
    I saw Russell Crowe and asked for his autograph. Then he said, “So, did you enjoy the drink?” I said, “Oh my God! That was YOU?” He nodded and said he liked my singing. Then he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. Wow, I was happy! © Lee J. Collier / Quora
  • I work at a clothing store. After helping a really sweet, quiet, younger blonde for about 5 minutes, I got the feeling that she looked super familiar... with a creeping suspicion that I was helping Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter (Evanna Lynch). I asked her if she was an actress, and she said yes. As a Harry Potter fan, I was kind of geeking out and managed to get a pic with her. © Jaime Rosario / Quora
  • My husband and I went to the mountains. He overheard a conversation between the guide and his other client. The man was wearing a helmet and dark glasses, but my husband instantly recognized his voice and asked him, “Are you Paul?” They shook hands and talked a bit. It was Paul McCartney from The Beatles! © Mish Armo / Quora
  • I’m a professional cartoonist, and last year I had a gig at a very posh wedding. I was busily drawing a gentleman, and there were several people standing behind me watching. Suddenly a huge figure loomed over my shoulder and said, in a deep, rumbling, voice, “I’ll give you $1,000 if you let me finish the drawing!” I replied, “Hey, give me just $10, and I’ll let you finish it!”
    The man just laughed and walked away. My wife came over to me and said, “Do you know who that was who offered you the money? It was Shaquille O’ Neal!!” He really is that tall! © Bill Edge / Quora
  • There was a slim black girl working out in my gym last week with her trainer. I didn’t pay her much attention at first, but I thought she looked familiar.
    It was a while before I realized it was Letitia Wright. You may know her as Shuri, the sarky younger sister of T’Challa in Black Panther. I didn’t say anything to her, she was busy, but if my daughter had been there, she would have been flipping out. © Luke Lee / Quora
  • My wife and I are sitting and listening to some music at the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris when she says, “See that guy in the baseball cap? That’s Ron Howard.” I didn’t believe it. Why would a famous American director be in a garden in Paris?
    To prove it, I went up to him, and it WAS him! We chatted for a while. He is the nicest guy. © Rick Weber / Quora
  • Netflix was filming a series in Thailand set in the ’70s. My parents lived in Bangkok at the time, so my mom was a consultant of sorts for the production. We were shown around and met the actors. One of them, a young, petite British woman, shakes my hand and says, “Hi, I’m Jenna.”
    For a second, I thought she looked familiar, but I had doubts! I then asked the manager who had been taking care of us — if that was Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who. I’m a really, really shy guy in person, so I sheepishly walked back to her and told her I was a big Doctor Who fan, and if it would be all right to take a picture with her, which we did. © Thomas Gires / Quora
  • I was picking up my nephew from his shift at a restaurant in LA. I parked behind this black-tinted Sedan which had over-spilled into the line I was about to park in. I got out, knocked on the driver’s door, and asked the lady to move a bit forward, so my car could fit in the space. She politely did so and asked me if I had enough room. She apologized, and I said no worries.
    As she was entering the restaurant, my nephew was coming out, and he saw her and said to me, “OMG did you get her autograph?” And I said, “Whose autograph?” He said, “Jennifer Aniston!” © Jelly Baby / Quora
  • I worked in a music shop in Dublin back in the 1980s. This chap came in one day to try a bass guitar. While I was showing him a couple, I asked him how long he’d played the bass. He said, in a very well-spoken accent, that he’d been playing for a few years. I asked him if he played in a band, to which he replied that he did.
    He said he had more than 20 guitars. Why? Because people would give them to him all the time. I think he found it funny that I didn’t recognize him. It was Adam Clayton from U2. © Phil O’Neill / Quora
  • I worked at the airport. I noticed a very casually dressed man — sweatshirt, sweatpants, athletic shoes—with dark, horn-rimmed glasses and a bit of facial stubble. He was looking for something on the floor. I asked him if he needed help.
    It turned out he had lost a contact lens. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything. He thanked me, and then the attendant in first class told me I was crawling around on the floor beside the Academy Award-winning actor, Denzel Washington. © Lynnie Page / Quora
  • I was in a restaurant with my wife. A guy grabs the large table behind my wife. I look at him, he looks at me. He appears to be about my age, and I totally recognize him.
    I’m thinking, “Did I go to high school with him?” So after maybe 10 seconds of this, I just ask my wife, “Hey, how do I know that guy? I swear I know him.” She says, “That’s Matt Damon.” © Bill Ambrosini / Quora
Preview photo credit Mark Buckle / Quora


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