14 People Whose Bruises Turned Into Art and Made Us Stare

2 years ago

Falling down or hurting yourself in some other way can be annoying and even a bit painful. But what’s even more annoying is when the next day you’re gifted with an unsightly bruise. Instead of seeing it as something ugly, you can turn it into art and let your imagination run free. It might be a bruise, but nothing can stop you from turning it into a pineapple or even a ghost.

Bright Side discovered 14 people who didn’t let a bruise ruin their day, so they painted something pretty on them.

1. “I had a purplish bruise, so I turned it into a ditto.”

2. “I have a yellowish bruise, so I turned it into a baby chick.”

3. Jessica made something beautiful out of her pain.

4. “I fell, got a big nasty bruise, and to make me feel better, my boyfriend decorated it! It’s feeling OWL better.”

5. “The bruise on my arm looks like a pineapple.”

6. “This friendly-looking bruise on my friend”

7. “This bear claw-shaped bruise on my stomach”

8. “My bruise turned into Calcifer.”

9. She had a bruise and made sure to paint something new over it every day. This is Friday.

10. This is Saturday.

11. And this is the following Tuesday.

12. “My surfboard’s fin hit me and left an angry bruise.”

13. “This is Irving. He is a bruise. He likes ice cream and walks on the beach. Being a bruise, he is always sore somewhere.”

14. “My doggy left a paw print bruise on my leg.”

Have you ever painted on your bruises? If so, we’d love to see your pictures.

Preview photo credit badattitudebunny / Instagram


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