14 Things All Moms Do That Make Us Love Them Even More

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2 years ago

Although many of us think that each family is a different world and each one has different ways of communicating, it is inevitable to compare our parents with those of our friends. And when we do, we realize that we are not so different, especially moms, who seem to have the same habits with their children. As we grow up, we realize that those details that bothered us when we were little are actually priceless.

Bright Side compiled some situations and habits that moms have and that sometimes get on our nerves, but that translate the peculiar love that only they can give us.

  • Says “Dinner’s ready” before it’s actually ready. © Beanhead144 / Reddit
  • Every year on my birthday and the days leading up to my birthday, my mum gives me updates of what she was doing precisely at that minute X number of years ago. For example, it’s my 25th birthday at 13:24: “This time 25 years ago I was having a slice of toast that I spat halfway across the ward when I had another contraction!” © guffiepiggie / Reddit
  • When I ask her what she wants for her birthday /Christmas, she says, “Oh, don’t waste your money on me!” © Quizzie_McGee / Reddit
  • Comes round to my house and won’t just sit down and let me make her a cup of tea — she has to be up and pottering about, moving stuff around and tidying. Which is... Nice in its own way, but also gently frustrating when I can’t find what I’m looking for later on. © samtylers / Reddit
  • Probably if I tell her I’m feeling a bit ill, and she turns up with boxes and boxes of medicine. © jt94 / Reddit
  • Unplugs every appliance apart from the fridge in the house before she goes on holiday. Not just switches off the socket, but physically unplugs everything. © SuperMaxMaxMax / Reddit
  • Ask me if I want anything. Despite me saying “no, thank you,” she’ll proceed to list every edible thing in the house. © tfindis / Reddit
  • Typing on her phone with her index finger only. © pm-a-question / Reddit
  • The look... especially in public. It’s the look that says, “You’ve got to the line of my patience. Cross it at your peril.” © the_real_grinningdog / Reddit
  • Sulks if she deems it to be too long since I called her last. Never even considers just calling me. © Bo*Bob** / Reddit
  • You may not return an expensive piece of heirloom jewelry, but if you don’t give your mom back a tupper... she’ll claim it back for the rest of life.

What does your mom do that annoyed you as a child, but now makes you think of her fondly?


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My mother's insistence on wearing a coat. Seriously, it could be the hottest day of the year, blazing sunshine and not a cloud in the sky and we would still have to wear a coat.


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