14 Things That Don’t Belong in a Bedroom

3 years ago

Every person spends about 1/3 of their lives (or even more) in their bedrooms, which is why they should be decorated in a pleasant way inside. You’ve probably experienced this feeling when you went into a hotel and thought, “Wow, how did they even do this?” We can help you feel this way all the time when you’re at home.

Bright Side has reviewed design blogs (and more) and prepared a small guide on the frequent mistakes that happen with bedroom decor.

1. Magenta, red, and white colors

Colors have an influence on the mood and behavior of people. With the right color, it’s possible to convince us to buy something, make us feel safe, or make us feel nervous. So, the colors in our bedrooms tell us how to feel.

Muted colors help us to feel relaxed. When choosing between matte and shiny colors, it’s better to choose the former.

It is believed that the best color for the bedroom is muted blue followed by:

  • green
  • pale yellow
  • and silver

The worst choices are magenta, red, and white colors.

2. Lots of pillows

Small pillows on the couch or bed make us feel cozy, but in reality, they are a lot of trouble. Just think about it: every time you need to go to bed, you have to collect all of them, put them somewhere, and in the morning, arrange them beautifully. It’s too much work.

For good sleep, you only need one pillow, so get rid of the rest. If you want an extra pillow, it means that your pillow is wrong and probably not high enough.

3. Laundry basket

First, every time you see a pile of dirty laundry, your brain takes it as a task it needs to solve as soon as possible. So, it might be difficult for you to relax. Second, dirty laundry might have a bad smell.

4. Old mattress

Most people don’t know that mattresses have their own expiration period: usually, it’s 8-10 years. And many people still sleep on 30-to 40-year-old mattresses.

The problem is, an old mattress can cause a lot of trouble with your back. You will be sore and feel tired in the morning. Besides, if you don’t clean your mattress regularly, it will be full of dust mites. The older a mattress, the more insects there are that live inside of it.

5. Bright lamp or chandelier

One of the worst ideas is a chandelier right above the bed. The light will shine right into your eyes and make it hard to relax. It will also be uncomfortable to read lying in bed. The perfect lights for a bedroom are 2 lamps on the sides of the bed.

6. TV

Most of us have TVs in our bedrooms which allows us to watch our favorite movies and series before going to sleep. But a TV that has been left on a bad influence on your sleep. It prevents your body from sleeping properly.

If you can’t move your TV to a different room, don’t use it late at night.

7. Light curtains

The best option for the bedroom are really heavy curtains that completely cover the windows. Light and thin curtains let the light through, so it will be difficult to sleep, especially if you like to take naps.

It’s important to not forget about the position of the curtains. The higher they are, the better. Otherwise, the walls might look too low.

8. Wrong carpet placement

Designers have a rule: big carpets should be placed right under the bed. The idea is that when you get up, you step on the carpet, not on the cold floor which will give you a nice sensation in the morning and set the tone for the day.

9. Bed sheets made of thick fabrics

If you don’t want to break the bank, don’t buy incredibly thick fabrics. If you see sheets with 1,000 or more TC (thread count — universal criteria for how thick the fabric is), this is as good as it gets. There’s no need to pay more. This is top quality, no matter what different manufacturers might say.

10. Embroidered pillowcases

Embroidery is, of course, nice and makes the place cozy. But the texture is not smooth which might make it difficult for you to sleep. Also, in the morning, you are bound to wake up with the pattern on your face.

11. Identical design

When all the furniture is bought at one store, from the same manufacturer, and has the same design, it means that the owner has bad taste.

12. Very low bed

The higher the bed, the more confident you feel. Besides, if the bed is low, there is not enough space to store things under it. This space could be used for a couple of drawers with the sheets.

13. No headrest on the bed

Designers say that beds without headrests are the same as windows without frames. The bedroom looks unfinished.

14. Blankets that reach the floor

An oversized blanket doesn’t make the room look spicier, on the contrary, it makes the room appear messy. Besides, it’s not very pleasant to use a blanket that’s been lying on the floor.

You can make the look more interesting using color. If the walls are solid colors, the sheets should have some patterns on them, and vice versa, if the walls have patterns on them, the bedsheets should be solid.

What other bedroom decoration mistakes would you add to this list?

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