11 Little Things That Might Add a Few Years to Our Life, According to Science

3 years ago

We tend to think that being healthy and having good genes are the keys to living longer. However, a study showed that being in a happy relationship is the thing we should rely on. And there are more little habits that can help too.

We at Bright Side did some research to figure out what we should pay attention to in order to naturally prolong our lives.

1. Having a flatter belly

Women who are in the stage of menopause and have excessive belly fat may live for less time, research says. Even if you’re of normal weight, if your belly is round, there’s somewhat of a risk. This is explained by the observation that women with central obesity are more likely to develop diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and more.

2. Prioritizing your happiness

Feeling happy is indeed very important for anybody, however, research says it has a real effect on our longevity too. So, life satisfaction, the absence of negative emotions, optimism, and positive emotions are what you should really stick to.

3. Laughing more often

Being more cheerful indeed adds some quality to our lives, however, it may add quantity too. Surprisingly, a vast study showed that a sense of humor protects us from developing cardiovascular diseases and various infections. In fact, it’s the brain’s health-protecting resource. What a pleasant way to try to live longer!

4. Being more organized

A study showed that conscientious individuals tend to lead longer lives. This trait also speaks about our cognitive functioning. So consider being more self-disciplined, organized, efficient, and goal-oriented if you care about longevity.

5. Walking every day

A study showed that every additional 30 minutes of staying inactive is related to a 32% higher risk of developing a serious illness. And literally, every step counts when it comes to reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. So by walking 2,100 to 4,500 steps daily, you can reduce the risk of getting heart attacks, heart failure, or a stroke.

6. Going out more often

People who have an active social life may live longer and healthier lives, as research says. This is explained by the fact that such people tend to have better health behaviors, like eating healthy foods and being physically active. On the contrary, isolated people are at a higher risk of having weak immune systems because of being more stressed.

7. Giving birth later in life

A study says that if you’re able to have children after the age of 33, your chances of living longer increase. In fact, such women have twice the odds of living to 95 years compared to those who had their last child before 29.

8. Checking your vitamin D level more often

Many diseases that are connected with age can actually be caused by a vitamin D deficiency. In fact, a study showed that it can also slow down aging itself. So you can do yourself a great favor by just regularly checking if the vitamin D in your body is within a normal range.

9. Taking care of your grandchildren

Not only will you get the most sincere love back from these little ones, but as a study showed, it can also make you live longer. And even if you don’t have your own grandchildren, caring for others will also do.

10. Doing your housework

Exercising regularly is a key to living longer. However, if you don’t have time or the desire to go to the gym, you can still keep yourself fit and healthy by doing your house chores. For example, by cleaning windows for just 30 minutes, you will burn 190 calories, and ironing for the same amount of time will tone the muscles of your upper body.

11. Flossing your teeth regularly

Taking care of your oral hygiene absolutely helps to maintain natural, healthy, and functional teeth. But in addition to that, it appears to prolong your life, as a study shows. To make this work, you should brush your teeth in the morning and at night, floss them every day, and visit a dentist from time to time.

What are your secrets to staying young and healthy for as long as possible?

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