14 Trends We Can Finally Forget Like a Bad Dream

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4 years ago

A smart Latin proverb says, “The times change, and we change with them.” The things that seemed to be extremely trendy just yesterday are gone from the shelves of stores today. And people are following new trends.

Bright Side decided to remember what trends were extremely popular just a couple of years ago and then they made way for completely new ideas.

1. Jeans with holes

Jeans are obviously a classic part of your basic clothing. The models with holes on the knees (and some had holes almost all over the legs) were a massive hit in 2015, but at this point, they are a thing of the past. Nowadays, designers don’t make these models and the careless look is no longer popular.

2. Doll-like eyelashes

In the past few years, fewer and fewer girls have wanted to have very voluminous eyelashes. Now, the natural appearance is king and women don’t have to do these crazy things in order to feel attractive. However, the classic eyelash extension that highlights the depth of the look and makes the eyelashes a bit longer is still being done.

3. Big eyebrows

Careless, big, and bushy eyebrows that model Cara Delevingne turned into a trend are not popular anymore. The makeup centered around the eyebrows is no longer used and even Cara herself has smaller eyebrows at the moment.

4. Big hats

The people that are not afraid of bold decisions in their everyday lives really liked the big hat trend. You can still see people in cities wearing these hats, but not as many. But if you are going on vacation to a sunny country, you should know that big straw hats are still popular just as they’ve always been.

5. Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts were one of the biggest trends in 2016. Medium-length skirts were the most popular models. In 2019, however, these skirts are not bought at the same rate as they were 3 years ago.

6. Knitted boots

Knitted boots were extremely popular for several years. At the time, people thought that these unusual shoes made the look more tender and romantic. However, these boots get dirty very quickly and easily, especially if the weather is not really good. Now, it is almost impossible to see a girl wearing boots like this because they are no longer popular.

7. Skirts and dresses with a flounce

At the beginning of the 2010s, a wide flounce became extremely popular, but in the end, they vanished from the shelves of the stores. However, the jacket with a flounce from Dior, that the popular designer made at the beginning of the 1940s, still continues to appear in every new collection of the company. So, even though flounces are less popular, it doesn’t mean that they are completely gone.

8. Pajama-like suits

In 2017, the comfortable pajama-like suits were a big hit among the Instagram stars and bloggers. But they didn’t last long: now, in 2019 these “bedtime-style” clothes are not popular anymore and people only wear them at home now.

9. Bandage dress

The famous bandage dress was invented by designer Hervé Leroux in 1989. It is really tight and it highlights the best parts of the body. It makes the whole appearance more fit and slender. There was a time when many women bought dresses like this. But at this moment, designers are producing more flowy models that don’t limit your movements.

10. Down jacket with a skirt

Down jackets with skirts were extremely popular but not for a long time. They disappeared from the city streets pretty quickly. Now, only children and teenagers wear these jackets, but not older women.

11. Cross-body bag

A small handbag on a thin strap hanging lower than the waist is also an anti-trend now. They were replaced with models that have shorter straps and hang at waist-height.

12. Open ankles

Many trendy people obviously cared about their appearance more than about their health. Many of them even had completely open ankles in very cold weather. But this trend is gone now and you are not very likely to see anyone walking like this today.

13. Loafers with fur

Fur loafers were a huge hit across the world and then they disappeared lightning-fast. It is extremely hard to find a model like this in a store right now. Even the official Gucci website, that was the trend-setter for fur loafers, doesn’t have these models for sale anymore.

14. Bonus: Choker

In 2016, chokers returned to the world runways and became one of the most important accessories of the year. Braided chokers were very popular, but today they are being replaced with chokers that look like thick chains. They became one of the biggest trends in the summer-fall 2019.

We at Bright Side believe that every person must have the right to wear whatever they like. If you feel great wearing certain clothes, you don’t have to pay attention to the trends.

Which of these items would you easily wear now and which ones make you laugh? Tell us in the comment section below.

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The choker before... actually I used to have that already when I was in highschool and that was early 2000s as well as the What Jesus Would Do WJWD strapped bracelet.


Is it just me or are all these things still trendy. I mean apart from the pj suits and the knitted boots everything still looks reall good and stylish to this day??‍♀️


Jeans with holes still seem very popular here, also I really like these open ancle pants.. but ofc not in the cold weather!


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