15 Actors That Were So Hot in Their Youth, They Could Burn the Screen With a Glance

2 years ago

We know those handsome guys among famous men well, but oftentimes, they either become good-looking with age or, on the contrary, they look attractive in their youth. Not all men can have the ability to look great and make millions of women fall in love with them at any age.

We at Bright Side looked closely at our favorite actors and were surprised at how cool they looked then and how awesome they look now.

Andrew Lincoln

John Slattery

Simon Baker

Peter Facinelli

Billy Ray Cyrus

The photo above was taken in 2019, and the photo below, 1996.

Ewan McGregor

Michael Sheen

Guy Pearce

Halit Ergenç

John Stamos

Billy Bob Thornton

Matt Letscher

Tom Ellis

Daniel Gillies

Billy Burke

Which of these actors did you like, regardless of their age? Which of them did you know about only now and fell in love with them right away?


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Oh no, we definitely have people that didn’t know John Stamos was so good looking in Full House. I am in my thirties and definitely didn’t know about some of these actors in the 90s. And like- 2004 was yesterday right 😓😬 oops


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