15 Awesome Hidden Rooms That Would Make Every House Perfect

4 years ago

Hidden rooms, secret doors, fake fireplaces... All this gives us the feeling of magic around us. But history confirms that castles and houses were often built with secret rooms and passages in the olden days. They were used for hiding treasures, escaping, or carrying out different, secret activities. As our article shows, nowadays this idea seems to be all the rage again.

We at Bright Side took a sneak peek at 15 secret rooms, and we are amazed by the creativity of the people who made them.

15. Your kid will never lose in a hide-and-seek game again.

14. Have you been looking for me?

13. There may be some very cool places hidden in your friend’s house. You’ll want to check carefully now.

12. — “It seems that you love literature.”


— “You might think so.”

11. — “But how will I ever find that door?”


— “There will be signs.”

10. “My man cave dream just got a wake-up call...”

9. “Would you like to join me for a couple of... stories?”

8. “I would love to crawl in there sometime and get some personal time.”

7. Is there anything odd that you notice about this hidden door?

6. Just click the button when you get tired of everyone.

5. An elegant idea for how to hide your supply closet

4. When you are looking in the mirror, someone can be looking right back at you too.

3. We have 4, well, 5 rooms in our house. And that’s magic!

2. Do you want to feel like Alice in Alice Through the Looking Glass?

1. We totally want this right now!

Would you like to have a hidden room in your home? What would it be for? If you already have one, share your photos with us!


probaly wouldn't have noticed my secret room if i had one

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