15 Baby Must-Haves You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

2 years ago

We are about to make parenthood the easiest mission ever! New handy gadgets pop up every day making daily parenting rituals far more exciting. And Amazon acts as our best search assistant.

And we at Bright Side have made this task as easy as possible and collected for you the main must-haves for babies.

1. A silicone toothbrush will relieve the discomfort of teething.

2. Painless but effective nose and ear cleaner

3. This manicure set will make it feel like a beauty salon right in your home.

4. A 2-in-1 socks can entertain your baby while you run to the bathroom.

5. Turn your newborn into a fashion star!

6. A portable breast pump that even fits in mom’s handbag.

7. Kids, without exception, also need sunglasses to protect them from both sun and dust.

8. Gentle and quick release of nasal mucus

9. A pillow with fixings to make sure your baby doesn’t crawl away.

10. With the baby monitor, you can enjoy “TV shows” about your favorite baby.

11. The corner protector will save your kid from injury while you’re turned away for a split second.

12. Your baby can own a comfortable bathtub.

13. The nicest mirror in your car because you can see your baby in it.

14. The mini whale is a perfect companion for a baby in a swimming competition.

15. This 2-in-1 crab is a toy for your baby and a thermometer for you.

Which of these products have you never heard of before? And what would you add to must-haves for newborns?

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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