15 Before and After Photos That Remind Us How Time Changes Everything

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Our pace of life is so fast that sometimes we lose track of time. We tend not to notice how fast our kids grow, how our loved ones get old, and how the world changes. This compilation proves that sometimes we just have to stop and rest to see the imprint that time leaves on things around us.

1. “1 year old vs New home reverse osmosis filter”

2. “Me and my kids 2017 vs 2022.”

3. “My baby blanket. My best friend and husband found the only other one available anywhere online. It’s 30 years old and washed weekly!”

4. “My cat Ralf and me. Same place, 20 years difference. She was a bit grumpy during the photo shoot.”

5. “Approximately 27 years of companionship vs A brand new one I found online”

6. “The underside of this flap hasn’t aged with the rest of the couch.”

7. “Let me tell you something about recreating a pic!!!”

8. “New vs 8 years of use”

9. “Armatron 1982 and 2022”

10. “Husband got me a new pair of my favorite sneakers! I’ve worn them nearly every day for 4 years.”

11. “My wife and I bought the same pillow 4 years ago.”

12. “My dad and I. Same park, 33 years apart.”

13. “Where people have leaned back against the wall at the laundromat.”

14. “Phew! That was a long boat ride!”

15. Players wore out the floor around the tennis table.

What photos do you want to recreate with your significant other? What object reminds you of your childhood? Feel free to share your stories with us!

Preview photo credit j0be / Reddit


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