15 Black-and-White Photos of Actors That’ll Make You Sweat Like There’s No Tomorrow

4 years ago

Black-and-white pictures have their own magic. Popular celebrities like Jared Leto, Dwayne Johnson, and Henry Cavil know about the mesmerizing effect of monochrome photos that allow your eye to focus on the details. Here you can find some awesome examples of black-and-white art.

We at Bright Side were enchanted by these black-and-white pictures and want to share some of these genius shots with you.

1. Jared Leto

2. Jason Momoa

3. Jason Statham

4. Alexander Pettyfer

5. The Rock

6. Ed Westwick

7. Chris Pratt

8. Henry Cavil

9. Cole Sprouse

10. Tom Hardy

11. Jake Gyllenhaal

12. Luke Evans

13. Penn Badgley

14. Nick Jonas

15. Mario Casas

Do you like the style of black-and-white photos? Which photo was your favorite? Please leave your comment below and share your own black-and-white photos!

Preview photo credit thereallukeevans / instagram


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Most black and white photos make the subject look classic. Just look at the pics of actors in old movies, most of them look good. That’s all.


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