15 Celebrities Featuring Animal-Inspired Outfits to Prove Nature Is the Best Source of Inspiration

2 years ago

Red carpets can be transformed into works of art when celebrities take risks with their outfits. Sometimes the inspiration comes from other eras, famous painters, or even movies. But one of the infinite and most valuable resources is the animal world, along with its textures, colors, and patterns that inspire designers to create visual spectacle.

At Bright Side, we compiled outfits that some celebrities wore that were inspired by the animal kingdom, reminding us that beauty can be found everywhere.

1. Macaw parrot — Nicole Kidman

2. Butterfly — Zendaya

3. Kangaroo — Leslie Mann

4. Tiger — Madonna

5. Blue bird — Rachel McAdams

6. Blue macaw — Blake Lively

7. Flamingo — Kristen Bell

8. Unicorn — Margot Robbie

9. Peacock — Elle Fanning

10. Horse — Kim Petras

11. Snake — Kate Beckinsale

12. Butterfly — Irina Shayk

13. Hummingbird — Natalie Portman

14. Cobra — Julianne Moore

15. Lady bug — Charlize Theron

What animal would you like to base an outfit on? According to you, which one has the best colors to inspire an outfit?


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