15 Companies That Are Going the Extra Mile for Their Special Customers

3 years ago

People with special needs have had to customize their own clothing for a long time. But recently many companies, from iconic fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger to affordable brands like Target, have begun to launch adaptive clothing lines to prove that special needs and style are not mutually exclusive. They are making clothes with magnetic closures, easily-fastening undergarments, and fantastic Halloween costumes for wheelchair users.

We at Bright Side adore people who do their work with love and creativity and we want to introduce you to companies that have gone above and beyond to show their respect and appreciation for their customers with special needs.

1. FFORA made an accessory line for wheelchair users.

2. Zappos Adaptive allows customers of all abilities the opportunity to purchase a single shoe or shoes in different sizes.

3. Target has a line of Halloween costumes for kids with disabilities that can transform their chairs into a pirate ship or a princess carriage.

4. Elba (’able’ backward) London focuses on front-fastening bras for individuals with limited mobility or difficulty dressing.

5. Rebirth Garments made a shirt you can take on and off while your arm is hooked to an intravenous line.

6. Billy Footwear produces shoes with zipper technology that allows the shoe to open up completely so you can slip your foot in with ease.

7. IZ Adaptive made a denim shirt with magnetic closures.

8. Slick Chicks produces underwear you can fasten with ease.

9. Tommy Hilfiger’s adaptive clothing line has one-handed zippers and adjustable hems for easy wear.

10. Guide Beauty created products that allow people with Parkinson’s disease apply eyeliner easily.

11. Inc Kid designed jeans especially for kids who wear orthosis.

12. Victory has a line of adaptive swimwear.

13. Patty and Ricky makes t-shirts and customized jewelry for kids who read in Braille.

14. Kozie Clothes designed a weighted sensory blanket that has a positive neurological effect for people suffering from autism and anxiety, due to its deep pressure effect.

15. Ez Sox produce socks for kids who need mobility or motor skill support.

Which of these designs can truly make a difference? Do you know of any other brands that have adaptive lines?


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