15 Cool Shop Owners That Know How to Do Their Jobs Better Than Anyone

3 years ago

The owners of stores are ready to do anything to attract customers. And this is great for the customers because it leads to discounts, good service, unusual designs, and many other things. But the best part are the sellers themselves. You’ve probably been in a situation where you went to a store and the seller was so charismatic, that you ended up buying 3 times more stuff than you wanted. And the communication was so pleasant, that you don’t even regret spending the money.

We at Bright Side believe that you can be creative in almost any profession, so we’ve found the photos where sellers got really creative. And at the end of the article, there’s a bonus with the story of a person’s amazing selling techniques.

1. Charlene knows how to take a picture with a product so that everyone wants it. There is a Facebook community with an army of her fans.

2. This notice board in a bookstore with a short synopsis of Romeo and Juliet. It makes you want to read the book again and revise your memory.

3. This shelf is a masterpiece.

4. This store has a freezer where any customer can test the warm clothes they are about to buy.

5. This guitar shop that looks like an amplifier

6. “Actually, I wanted a hamster but the seller talked me into getting a puppy...”

7. This shop window in Kyoto had a model of the shop, which had a model of the shop in its window, which then had a model of the shop in that window.

8. This thrift shop sells thousands of random family photos.

9. This pencil store in Iran

10. The owner is probably a fan of The Big Lebowski.

11. “I was walking and found this. Why is there a screwdriver?”

12. You have to buy a durian from this guy!

13. “Abandoned guitar shop in my town”

14. These Roman columns inside a supermarket in Split, Croatia

15. In my town, there’s a little homemade specialty popcorn shop owned by this man, he posts a selfie of him with popcorn daily and tells everyone to have a good day."

Bonus: This guy’s got skills!

Have you ever met shop owners that were really creative about selling their products?

Preview photo credit spiridosha / pikabu


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I respect this women who makes her photos like that ? she knows what humor is


The guitar shop looks really cool! The structure is implacable


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