15 Dialogues Between Fathers and Kids That Couldn’t Be More Unpredictable

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4 years ago

Both fathers and their kids know how to make jokes at the right moment (and sometimes at the worst moment), they are even able to not get embarrassed in the most awkward situations, and can somehow get out of any trouble they get into. Maybe that’s why their dialogues are usually filled with the unique humor, sarcasm, and creativity that internet users abundantly “Like” them for.

We at Bright Side were laughing, empathizing, and feeling happy for the characters from these real life situations and decided to show the most outstanding ones to you.

  • A little boy’s voice in a morning bus crowd:
    — Dad, I am going to a dance lesson today.
    — Are you sure you’re not going to play cars?
    — No, I’m going to dance. There are a lot of girls there, because they like to dance.
    — Well, you know better.
    — Of course, I know better. I asked them. © MadTillDead / Pikabu

  • I was in a shop. When I was passing by a shelf with bags, I heard a dialogue between a man and his little daughter:
    — Dad, why do you need a bag?
    — I’ll carry it to work.
    — Are you going to carry food in it?
    And, I think that’s what correct prioritizing is all about. © Zefirni_chel / Twitter

  • My wife last night: Stephen... frankly... your mustache makes me like 2% less attracted to you. So I immediately shaved my entire face for the first time since 2009.
    My daughter this morning: Dad... you look like Voldemort.
    She was serious. © StephenAmell / Twitter

  • Me: I love you. Do you love me?
    5-year-old son: No, I love mommy.
    Me: But you can love more than 2 people.
    My son: Really?
    Me: Yes!
    Son: Ok, I love mommy & I love me.
    Wife is crying.
    Me: Why are you crying?
    Wife: Because when he thought he could love only one person he chose me over himself. © QasimRashid / Twitter

  • My toddler just spent 5 minutes explaining that he can’t use his imagination because he traded it to a kid at daycare for some fruit snacks. © HenpeckedHal / Twitter

  • My colleague occasionally shares his impressions on how his kid finds new reasons to not go to school. Sometimes he has a headache, other times a sore foot, a stomachache, etc. This time his reason was just mind-blowing:
    — Dad, I don’t want to go to school.
    — Why?
    — I just want to sleep! © nik2857 / Pikabu

  • My son comes up to me in the morning and says:
    — Dad, if there is a girl you like at work, take this flower and give it to her.
    My wife:
    — What? © mrjoker163 / Pikabu
  • I was waiting for my turn at the cashier in a store. A boy of approximately 10 asks his father pointing at condoms, “What is that?” The father answers, “These are candies, son.” The boy replies back, “I am sorry to disappoint you, dad, but these are not candies. These are condoms. Now I understand why you have 3 kids.” © shine_of_you / Twitter
  • A little girl with green hair chalk just asked me if my hair was dyed for Halloween. When I told her it was green year-round she turned to her dad and screamed: “YOU SAID GREEN HAIR WAS ILLEGAL AFTER HALLOWEEN! WHY DID YOU LIE?!” © bjcolangelo / Twitter

  • Last night, my 3-year-old kicked me during a tantrum. As I tucked him in bed later, he apologized. “I’ll never kick you again,” he said, pulling me in closer and kissing my cheek. “Just do exactly what I tell you to do and I’ll never have to kick you again.” My son is a mobster. © HenpeckedHal / Twitter

  • There was an announcement on the plane, “If there is a person with medical education onboard, please approach the crew.”
    My dad pushing me: It could’ve been you.
    Me: Not now, Dad.
    Dad: They don’t need a person with a diploma in IT, do they?
    Me: Dad, there is a person feeling bad.
    Dad: Why don’t you go and reset him? © useless_yeen / Twitter

  • I was helping my daughter get ready for kindergarten and she says:
    — Dad, let’s have a heart-to-heart talk? Who do you want me to become when I grow up?
    — I want you to become a good person.
    — No, I am asking about my profession.
    — It’s up to you. I want you to like your job and feel interested in it.
    — I have already chosen a profession but I don’t know what it’s called. I want to work in a water park. I’ll go there in the morning, go down a water slide, and give the guests permission to use it, if I liked it. Then I’ll go home. I’ll repeat it every day.
    — You don’t want to sell ice cream anymore?
    — No, people buy ice cream only in the summer and they don’t need it in the winter. While I need STABILITY. © Sibirskix / Pikabu

Tell us about your dads. Have you ever had the same funny and awkward dialogues with them?

Preview photo credit shine_of_you / Twitter


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