15 Easy Kitchen Hacks to Help You Cook Better Than a Pro

4 years ago

There are several tricks that can help us save our time and effort and keep food fresh for longer. And this article is just about these hacks. We bet everyone likes tips that teach us to heat food evenly in a microwave, store glass bottles in a way that they don’t take up too much space, and peel things quickly.

Bright Side encourages you to try these kitchen hacks and let us know if they were useful for you.

15. Keep eggs fresh.

You can store eggs for a longer period of time if you smear them with vegetable oil before placing them in the fridge.

14. Peel eggs faster.

There are several ways to peel boiled eggs. Here’s one of them: crack each egg’s shell and put them in cold water to cool down.

13. Extract a couple of lemon juice drops.

So you don’t have to throw away the fruit after using just a few drops of its juice, pierce the lemon with a toothpick and push. Then tape the hole and put the fruit in the fridge.

12. Make soggy chips edible again.

If your chips have come into contact with humid air or water, don’t throw them away right away.

  • Take a plate. Put a napkin or a kitchen towel on it and put your chips on top of it.
  • You can also cover them with another napkin. Then put it in a microwave oven for 30 seconds. Voila! Your chips are crispy again.

11. Make perfect eggs.

You’ll need a jar lid ring. Put it on a pan and crack an egg inside of it. Now it’s not going to spread all over the pan, just don’t forget to remove the ring.

You can also use onion rings.

10. Store bottles correctly.

Use binder clips to fixate your bottles horizontally in a fridge.

9. Keep tomatoes on top of your sandwich.

You have to cut ham into thin slices so it’s easier to wrap the tomatoes in them. This way, they won’t slip down your sandwich.

8. Cook grilled delicate fish.

Just put your fish on an improvised “carpet” made from lemons. The fish won’t stick to your grill and it’ll have a nice lemon flavor.

7. Make plastic wrap easier to deal with.

When we try to wrap our food with this plastic film, it usually curls up, sticks to everything, and so on. To avoid fighting with your wrap, store it in the fridge to make it more obedient.

6. Store spices in a convenient way.

Use tic tac packs to store spices. They are convenient, small, and it’s easy to open and close them.

5. Freeze a piece of bacon.

If you have too much bacon and don’t want it to go bad, freeze it. Fold a strip of parchment paper into an accordion to easily freeze individual bacon slices and then put it in the freezer.

4. Keep greens fresh and bright.

Wash and dry out your products. Put them at the bottom of a plastic bag, fill it with air, and tie it up. This method will help you keep your greens actually green.

3. Sharpen a knife.

If you don’t have a special knife sharpener, you can use an ordinary ceramic cup. Put it upside down and slide your knife forward several times.

Of course, if your knife is expensive and high quality, it’s better to not put it at risk and just go buy a knife sharpener.

2. Prevent your cutting board from sliding.

Put a wet napkin under your cutting board and it won’t “run away.”

1. Heat your food evenly in a microwave.

To heat your food evenly, spread it in a circle around the outer edge of the plate and leave the center empty.

Bonus: The secret feature of a cutting board

You’ve seen those elongated holes on cutting boards, right? We usually use them as handles, but here’s another way to use them: the hole allows you to sweep your cut vegetables into a bowl so that the pieces don’t “get away.”

Were any of these life hacks useful? Would you like to add anything to the list?

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Bacon advice is useful I always have some leftovers, that I don't want to eat, but also don't want to throw them away.
Now I know what to do.
I want to try to make these perfect eggs! It's pretty simple, though ?
Hack for chips works with french fries too! Don't toss cold French Fries away. Use the flat side of your waffle iron plates to heat them up and make them crispy again!!! Once the iron is heated, put your fries in and close it for a few minutes.
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