15 Famous Women Who Found Love With Much Younger Men

2 years ago

A survey has shown that 81% of women are open to dating someone 10 years younger than they are, and nearly 90% of men are interested in dating someone 10 years older. And now, more than ever, Hollywood has many couples proving that these types of romances can truly thrive. After all, more mature women really know what they want in life, and this can help make the relationship more stable and solid.

Bright Side believes that there is no ideal age gap between couples, as love knows no number. We want to share 15 famous women who were born much earlier than their prince charming.

1. Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson — 24 years apart

2. Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid — 12 years apart

3. Robin Wright and Clement Giraudet — 17 years apart

4. Kathy Griffin and Randy Bick — 18 years apart

5. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson — 13 years apart

6. Britney Spears and Sam Asghari — 13 years apart

7. Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles — 10 years apart

8. Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka — 14 years apart

9. Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel — 7 years apart

10. Kim Cattrall and Russell Thomas — 14 years apart

11. Mira Sorvino and Christopher Backus — 14 years apart

12. Denise Welch and Lincoln Townley — 15 years apart

13. Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble — 25 years apart

14. Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich — 9 years apart

15. Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler — 25 years apart

What do you think of relationships with big age gaps? Do you believe that older women can be happier with younger men?


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