15 Game-Changing Makeup Hacks That Can Simplify Your Life

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5 years ago

Every girl wants to be beautiful, and we use millions of tricks to stay young and fresh. But sometimes simple hacks can change our routine and save us time and nerves. In this article, you will learn how to revive your mascara, multiple ways to highlight and many other tricks that can be used daily.

Bright Side compiled 15 makeup tricks that can change your daily routine.

1. Reuse mascara brushes.

Not only is mascara important, but its brush plays a big role in how your lashes will look too. If you found your favorite brush, especially if it is an expensive brand, just wash it and use it with other mascaras. You can combine the effect of long lashes from the mascara and volume from the brush to get a maximum result.

2. Mix BB cream with a highlighter.

If you don’t want your skin to look overloaded with makeup and dozens of layers but still want it to look fresh, smooth and shiny, just mix your BB cream with a drop of your favorite highlighter and apply it. This hack is especially good in summer when your skin needs more sun protection than makeup.

3. Use an eyeshadow primer to avoid an oily nose.

This trick will be useful for those who have oily or combination skin. If your nose is oily, just use eyeshadow primer on your nose, then spray some setting spray and stipple the foundation on. This hack will help your nose to stay matte all day!

4. Use Vaseline to remove makeup.

Vaseline can gently remove makeup and that’s what the skin around your eyes needs. Use it instead of your usual remover or when you forget to buy a new one. It can be a good option, especially in winter, when your skin gets dryer.

Apply some vaseline on your skin, massage it and remove the makeup with a cotton pad.

5. Make your own lip scrub.

You just need sugar, which is a natural exfoliant; olive oil, a natural moisturizer; and vanilla extract for good taste!

Use it every time before applying makeup if you don’t want your lips to look dry.

6. Experiment with a highlighter to get different results on your lips.

By using your highlighter you can reach different results, colors, and light effects on your lips. Even if you have just 2 or 3 lipsticks, this trick will help to expand your options, especially if you like to look different.

7. Use shampoo and a strainer to clean your brushes.

No need for special devices! The strainer allows the brushes to get cleaned easily and super fast without using your fingers or other makeup equipment.

8. Mix translucent powder and color correcting moisturizer.

This hack is useful for girls with oily skin. Mix some translucent powder and color correcting moisturizer to create a thicker, more matte look.

9. Make a cap for your pencils and brushes yourself.

Very often we lose caps for pencils or they just become broken. In case this happens, just cut a plastic straw and a new cap is ready to use. Now you can take your beauty equipment around again.

10. Make your lipstick last longer.

There is a simple trick on how to make your lipstick stay longer. It is even used by makeup artists who prepare celebs for the red carpet. If you have an important event or a long day ahead, don’t forget that your lips should stay looking perfect. Put on one layer of lipstick and wait a little bit for it to sit. Then take a napkin and apply it to the lips. It will remove the excess lipstick. After that, powder your lips and apply one more layer of lipstick. Now your lips are ready for a long day!

11. Use a daily moisturizer with a drop of an illuminator for a fresh soft look.

A soft dewy look can easily be achieved by mixing a small dap of an illuminator with your daily moisturizer. Now your skin will look fresh and rested.

12. Put clumpy mascara in hot water to thin it out again.

Put your mascara in hot water to make it come alive again. However, if your mascara is dried out, it probably is expired.

13. Use coconut oil to remove waterproof makeup.

Sometimes we need waterproof makeup, especially when we’re on vacation or it’s rainy. But to remove it, you need more time and special cosmetics. In case you don’t have this special remover, use coconut oil. It is organic and will help you to make your face clean, moistened and fresh.

14. Use contact lens solution to revive your mascara.

We can often be in a rush and forget to close our mascara which can cause it to expire faster. To revive it, add some drops of contact lens solution.

15. Use a hair dryer instead of an eyelash curler.

If you want to curl your eyelashes, there is no need to use a curler. In case you don’t have one, just use a hairdryer on low for a couple of seconds after applying the mascara. Your lashes will curl easily.

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