15 Genius Kids Prove Their Minds Are on Another Level

Oftentimes, we tend to consider any unconventional decision made in adulthood as a manifestation of genius. But in fact, almost all of us are born with absolutely non-standard thinking, which as we grow up, becomes accustomed to stereotypes. And this is why most children are far more clever than we give them credit for. To see exactly what we mean, scroll through the below list of pics where kids turned on their instinctive ingenuity to the fullest, and impressed us with their power moves.

1. This kid is absolutely a genius.

2. “My 8-year-old sister dropped an entire pack of cookies in my car, and I told her to clean it all. 15 minutes later, I come back to this.”

3. “My toddler figured out how to circumvent the child lock on her snack drawer, before she learned to talk.”

4. Smart kid

5. “My girlfriend writes Santa letters to kids who write Santa a letter. This one kid was very candid with his behavior this year.”

“- Decent”

6. Witty!

7. “My kid is working on a Marco Polo PowerPoint for school and I snapped this pic over his shoulder. Needless to say, I’m very proud.”

8. Well done, kid!

9. “I told my son get in the bath and no iPad as it’ll get wet. Genius.”

10. Nice teamwork!

11. “The ladder my 4-year-old son built to steal hidden candy”

12. “I used the guest bath today. My 3-year-old has solved the age-old splashing water problem.”

13. Never thought of that!

14. “My kid might be a genius. Now I want one.”

15. “My 3-year-old used a card to try to jimmy the child lock gate. Which is why we now have 2 locks.”

Has your little one ever come up with an ingenious solution on their own? We’d love for you to describe it in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit CharlieDarwin2 / Reddit


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