6 Characters That Were Supposed to Capture Everyone’s Hearts but Ended Up Ruining Their Movies

10 months ago

Sometimes the tables suddenly turn in cinematography. The audience starts rooting for the villain or loving the sidekicks more than the most important character in the movie.

There might be something in the protagonist’s behavior or acting that makes people roll their eyes. The film directors probably didn’t expect it, yet, here we are. At least the movies blew up.

1. Bella Swan

Kristen Stewart will probably always be remembered as Bella Swan from Twilight. If only she’d known that the 16-year-old teen would be so sensational and controversial. The audience found Bella too impulsive and uninteresting. She’s also described as passive and unrelatable.

She joined a motorcycle gang and left her friend alone at the movies, jumped off a cliff, and threw a fit for getting presents “she didn’t ask for.”

2. Frodo Baggins

People found Frodo the least likable character in The Lord of The Rings. Even though he struggles the most throughout the story, he somehow manages to cause multiple facepalms. He has a boring personality, he trusted Gollum too much, and he actually wasn’t the best friend to Sam. We’ve got to give him credit for resisting the ring for so long, though.

3. Carrie Bradshaw

Even Sarah Jessica Parker agrees that Carrie has flaws. Bradshaw is seen as immature and moody.

She betrayed Aidan by having an affair, her boyfriends are more important for her than her friends. She even told Aidan she didn’t want to see him because it was going really well, and she liked him. Now that is confusing.

4. Ron Weasley

Fans point out that Ron is deeply insecure and jealous. He’s also said to be a chronic whiner — he complains about being poor, he doesn’t like the fact that Hermione is smarter than him, and, in general, any problem is the end of the world for Ron because he’s a big drama king.

5. Jar Jar Binks

Even Star Wars fans admit that he’s one of the most annoying characters in the trilogy. He’s said to be poorly conceived, and they wonder how he got to the important parts of the plot. Rumor has it, he was actually supposed to be annoying to show how different characters react to such a weird and amusing creature.

6. Joker in Suicide Squad

Even though Jared Leto put a lot of work into creating the perfect image of the Joker, the character was still received poorly. Joker was “utterly out of place” in Suicide Squad. Besides, the portrayal lacked depth as more emphasis seemed to be placed on his outward appearance. Some even compared him to Marilyn Manson.

Which protagonists really tested your patience? Which ones do you think are nice?


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