15 Hair Colors That Are Meant to Make You Look Gorgeous in 2020

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4 years ago

Your hair represents the message your style is trying to send. Haircuts and hair color can actually say a lot about you. Choosing the best and most recent and modern hairstyles and colors can help you look gorgeous and trendy.

Today Bright Side will let you know about 15 hair colors that you might want to consider in 2020, if you want to look better than ever.

1. Silver blonde

Blonde has always been a popular color. With silver becoming popular as well, this combination is one of the trendiest for 2020. Silver blonde looks very modern and is a great option for those who usually go platinum blonde.

2. Bright dip-dyed ends

Dip dyes are the best solution to add color to your hair without having to color it all. It’s a good way to make it look brighter.

3. Holographic

These prismatic colors will be super trendy in 2020. Every angle of your hair will look different and interesting if you try this look that was inspired by gemstone shades.

4. Dark chocolate brown

Brown hair will always be trendy, but this dark, deep, and rich shade of brown is going to be very popular in 2020. This color makes hair look classy and dramatic.

5. Caramel highlights

Highlights are still trendy in 2020. Caramel is the perfect color to combine with brown hair. This combination will make your hair look shinier, while still maintaining its sophisticated appearance.

6. Vanilla-chocolate swirl

This hair is the perfect combination of babylights, balayage, and caramel, making your hair look very refreshed.

7. High neutral

High neutral hair has been very popular in the last few years and will maintain its popularity in 2020. Neutral hair is for those who are tired of gold and platinum blonde but still want a light hair color.

8. Metallic peach

Metallic peach is an upgraded version of rose gold hair. It looks fresh and new, and will make you look younger.

9. Berry

The berry hair color is full of multi-dimensional tones, which makes it perfect for all skin tones. It looks bright and can suit people who were previously brunette or blonde.

10. 2000s two-tone

The brunette on the bottom, blonde on the top look from the early 2000s is back. This look gives a lot of dimension and edge.

11. Classic blue

This shade of blue is the best option if you want to transition from platinum blonde to another color. It looks ashy and will help neutralize gold tones.

12. Ghosted

This ghosted hair combines the colors platinum, silver, opal, carbon, quartz, and oyster. This gradient look is gorgeous if you want to try a different and modern look.

13. Caramel mocha

The caramel mocha hair color was trendy in Autumn 2019 and will be popular this year as well. Coffee colors have been trendy lately, as well as caramel hair colors. With caramel mocha, you have the perfect combination between these 2. Consider trying it this fall.

14. Orchard red

Red will continue being trendy in 2020. This specific kind of red is perfect for enriching your appearance because it contains the winning combination of copper and auburn. This is a good color for winter.

15. Strawberry blonde

If you can’t decide whether you want to be a ginger or a blonde, this is your solution. With strawberry blonde, your hair will have shades of blonde, auburn, and even rose gold.

Are you planning on changing your hair color in 2020? Or are you more of a natural hair color person?


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I prefer natural hair colors on girls.. deep brown looks amazing with long hair ?


The Vanilla-chocolate swirl looks really nice. I think it would look good on me


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