15+ Heart Тhieves From the ’90s Who Aged Gracefully

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We all have fallen in love from first sight with many actors on the TV screens back then. Charmed by their charisma and beauty, every one of them had a special place in our hearts. Even though a couple of decades have passed, many of them didn’t lose the ability to win us all over again.

We at Bright Side have made a compilation of some of Hollywood’s most famous men who became even more handsome as the years went by.

Richard Armitage at 33 and 50

Ed Westwick at 20 and 34

James Franco at 27 and 41

Freddie Prinze, Jr. at 30 and 40.

Paul Bettany at 32 and 50

Paul Wesley at 24 and 37

Andrew Garfield at 27 and 38

Tom Cruise at 26 and 60

Mads Mikkelsen at 30 and 56

Joe Manganiello at 33 and 43

Wes Bentley at 24 and 40

Keanu Reeves at 27 and 58

James McAvoy at 26 at 42

Ben Barnes at 28, and 40.

Casey Affleck at 29 and 43

Jared Padalecki at 21 and 38

Gerard Butler at 33 and 50

Did you see your celebrity crush on this list? If not, which one won your heart back in the ’90ies?


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