15 Men Who Could Be Real Hollywood Hunks With Their Looks

2 years ago

On average, American men use 4.1 products and spend 48 minutes per day on grooming. Whether it’s a change in hairstyle or letting their beard grow out, they have tons of tricks up their sleeve to boost their appearance. The results of their self-care routines are remarkable and they often take to social media to share them.

Bright Side wants to introduce you to a few guys who proudly rock a look worthy of the big screen.

1. “My girlfriend told me puberty hit me like a truck.”

2. “Picture someone took of me at a local music festival.”

3. “16 vs 22. A bit of self-care and attention to grooming goes a long way.”

4. There are 5 years between these 2 pics.

5. “First real haircut in 2 years.”

6. “We might be real life Mowgli and Bagheera.”

7. “I always used to tie my hair back or wear hats or beanies. This year I decided to spice things up and embrace the curls.”

8. “A movie staring Matthew McConaughey is having a casting call for guys with beards in my hometown. Wish me luck.”

9. “Self trimmed my 15 month beard for my 51st birthday tomorrow.”

10. “I’m letting my hair grow out.”

11. “Lost some weight and cleaned myself up.”

12. Not many beards are worthy of the word glorious. But this one is.

13. “Manes are for wild men.”

14. “10 years and 3 donations later, so long old friend... It was a good run.”

15. “Wow, you are one gorgeous human!”

Do you enjoy taking care of your looks? Share your beauty or grooming routine in the comments. We’d love some tips!

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