15 Moving Photos That Show the Unique Beauty of Women After Having a Child

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4 years ago

The media has convinced us that right after having a child women are supposed to look as if they’re taking part in a fashion show. The truth is, right after labor, you’ll probably look quite different than a Disney princess. The Jade Beall photo project divided people into 2 groups. Some were amazed by how brave the women were and others thought that such honesty was over the top.

We at Bright Side think that all opinions matter. But we’re sure that the women who decide to show their bodies just several days or weeks after having a child are really brave and have a good sense of humor.


“It’s possible you’ll still look pregnant weeks after birth, this is normal.”


“I tried to find a perfectly posed photo of me breastfeeding Charlie with my hair all nice and face done, but I quickly realized that it didn’t exist.”


“1 week postpartum is a soft belly with fresh stretch marks.”


“1 week postpartum and I can honestly say it’s been a lot harder than I ever thought. It’s been a lot easier emotionally but I still cry at least once a day over absolutely nothing.”


“12 days postpartum featuring my angel and the marks she gave me”


“Oh, I miss this squishy fresh newborn stage and that beautiful, soft, postpartum tummy that held life inside it.”


“Dear Internet! This is what a body looks like 9 days postpartum. And no, I do not have any interest in trying to ’shed 10′, bounce back, or get my body back.”


“I was fat before I was pregnant but then I became pregnant with twins and eating kept me sane. The middle picture is 1 year postpartum (Dec 2017) and on the right is me today taking baby steps to wearing a crop top!”


“Yes, I have stretch marks, I have more than one chin, my thighs rub together. My body isn’t perfect, but it did give me my baby. My body carried and cared for her. I don’t care if it’s not the definition of perfect, it’s perfect to me.”


“I actually love my scar and hope it doesn’t fade too quickly.”


“How many of you mamas are pros at juggling multiple tasks? ”


“5 months between these pics. 7 months postpartum, and my jeans are finally fitting SO much better. I’ve struggled with postpartum depression so it took a good 4 months to start moving my body and eating better. 8 lb until goal 1 is met!”


“This is not the number on the scale I want to see at 5 months after baby but right now I’m focused on more than the numbers.”


“Learn to appreciate what you have. It doesn’t mean you have to stop working for what you want, just show a little self-love along the way.”


“These photos are a year apart. I didn’t ’bounce back’, I changed my lifestyle, exercised and have a balanced attitude toward nutrition. What you don’t see in these pictures is how my mindset has changed. That is the real benefit. Your biggest journey will always be the one inside your head, so take time to look after your mind and the rest will fall into place.”

Having a child or not is a conscious decision that every woman should make. There is no single right answer. And if you decide to give this world a new life you should be ready to go through a lot of challenges.

Would you risk posting a picture of your body on social media right after labor?

Preview photo credit katie_newnham / instagram


No beauty at all.

To be sure, ask any man: do you find her attractive?

Most of men will say no.

Her belly is horrible. Need a lot of excersises like the last picture, to return to a good shape.

There are sacrifices for having children. Health is one of them.
these ladies are beautiful! You should do a pre & post menopause photo article. it would be interesting. womens bodies never stop changing...

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