15 Ordinary Days That Mother Earth Spiced Up With a Surprise

2 years ago

If you think your everyday routine is boring, so does Mother Earth. That’s why, every day, she sprinkles a bit of fun in our surroundings, like a bird chilling on some broccoli at the grocery store or a grape inside of another grape. Thankfully, some people always have a camera at the ready and can capture all sorts of gifts.

Bright Side gathered a few ways in which nature brightened people’s day with a dose of magic.

1. “There was a bird in the broccoli at the grocery store today.”

2. “Saw a snail while I was outside, and its shell was crystal clear.”

3. “It’s 11 PM and the sky looks like it’s melting.”

4. “My grape had another fully formed grape inside of it.”

5. “One of my tomatillos rotted and left a cool cage and some seeds.”

6. “Ants ate this sucker and left the wrapper almost perfect.”

7. “The morning frost on top of my car looks like grass.”

8. “A bee covered in pollen took a break on my shirt.”

9. “These icicles froze orange because of the sap concentration in the tree.”

10. “This tree looks like it’s kissing a boulder.”

11. “The way rain carved out the sand around this ball and sort of ’elevated’ it”

12. “This vine climbed up a chair to silence my wind chime.”

13. “I took this photo of a reflection in a puddle and the gravel looks like a starry night sky.”

14. “The cloud formed a shadow in the sky.”

15. “This picture I took, showing how the sky affects the color of the sea”

How has nature surprised you recently? Have you ever taken any pics that could be featured in this compilation? Make the comment section shine brighter than a diamond with your wonderful tales and photos!

Preview photo credit reddit520 / Reddit


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