15 Times People Forgot About Something and Were Amused When They Saw It Again

2 years ago

Many of us have a curious kid living inside our souls — this guy is open to everything new and wants to try everything. The characters of today’s compilation accidentally turned into explorers who managed to hold “what if” experiments in their homes.

We at Bright Side also would be glad to learn something amusing about the surrounding world. These photos prove that curious things can be hiding even in an ordinary sock. The 2 bonuses at the end will be interesting to those who are in love with nature and those who like to have some rest at their grannies’ houses.

“This can of spray foam I left on my porch decided to grow toward the sun.”

“The Coke that I left on my windowsill for 3 months has turned clear.”

Her: “Don’t forget to blow out the candles on the balcony before you come to bed.”
Me: “I won’t.”

“I left my laundry on the balcony for a few days and now I found this in one of the socks. Any idea what it is?”

“I found this leaf a couple of months ago and left it outside with my other guys. He has started reproducing!”

“A container of saltwater I left on my shelf for a month”

“When you set your car for autostart before Christmas and forget about the vehicle for a week”

“These sun-bleached gloves I left on my dash since last winter”

“I left a clementine on my desk for 6 months and it never got moldy.”

“Almost half a year ago, I forgot to remove a plate with food and grew mold in home conditions.”

“I left maple syrup sitting out on my counter in a cup for a month and it crystallized.”

“Found this leaf on the floor of a big box store and decided to take it home.”

“Eventually, I left it in the car for a few days, and then I brought it home and set it on top of the dryer. It started sprouting!!”

“I washed the dishes and failed to remove the tea leaves with melon seeds from the sink drain before leaving for the country house.”

“My favorite matcha tea! I simply forgot my coffee on the table for a week.”

“I forgot Sprite on the table and got something mysterious and fluffy.”

Bonus # 1: “This new mother nested on my balcony flower bed when I forgot to water.”

Bonus #2: “When you leave your PC at granny’s for a week”

Have you ever had a situation when you left something somewhere, forgot about it, and found a surprise later?

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Preview photo credit yedpodtrzitko / Reddit


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