15 Outdated Fashion Rules We Keep Following

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If you’ve ever received criticism about your fashion style, this article is for you. It is likely that you have been intuitively following modern tendencies that should have stayed in the past. From now on, mothers, grandmothers, and picky colleagues won’t have anything to say about your sporty shoes in combination with a pretty dress.

Bright Side found at least 15 trendy rules that are too old to be followed.

1. You can’t wear open-toed shoes with socks or tights.

Can Nguyen / Capital Pictures / East News, RW / MediaPunch / East News

Men that wear socks with sandals are still laughed at. However, not only is such a combination appropriate in a woman’s wardrobe nowadays, but it’s actually very trendy. If you decide to try it, keep in mind that the socks should be interesting and unique since they serve as a focal point for that particular outfit and style.

Tights can also be worn with open-toed shoes but their density should be no less than 80 deniers. Also, there should be no seams visible on the tights.

2. Big breasts should be enhanced while small breasts should be concealed or vice versa.

Gilbert Flores / Broadimage / East News

Stereotypes related to breasts size appeared more due to complexes rather than fashion trends. There are no rules saying which breast sizes should be concealed or visually enlarged. A woman should consider enhancing them only according to her personal wishes, mood, and appropriateness in a situation.

3. At this age, you can’t wear...

“You can wear cartoon prints and the color pink only till age 17, you can’t wear mini skirts after 35 and can only sport short hair after 50.” All these and similar stereotypes limiting the way a person should look at a certain age have already been left in the past.

A modern woman can easily get married after 35 in a pink dress, put on a mini skirt and a T-shirt with Mickey Mouse on it and go for a walk with her grandkid all while feeling extremely cool. Fashion approves of such brave decisions especially if they look appropriate and stylish.

4. Don’t wear the same clothes several times.

Andrew Parsons / i-Images / East News

This rule appeared many years ago to make fashion mongers buy more clothes and show off their financial success by making frequent changes in their attire. However, today the focus has shifted from financial superiority to the superiority of mind and many famous fashion-mongers don’t feel shy about appearing in the same clothes several times as well as choosing clothes of regular labels.

Blind consumerism and leading a show-off life look weird and impress only teenagers especially during today’s unstable economic situation. Even the most expensive stores today are trying to focus on quality, functionality, and consciousness.

5. It’s necessary to wear a belt with trousers or jeans.

In earlier years, it was assumed that trousers with special belt loops on the waistline should always be worn with a belt. This rule has already become obsolete both for male and female wardrobes. If trousers fit you well and your look doesn’t require a belt, then you can easily do without it.

6. Your bag should be of the same color as your footwear.

RB / bauergriffinonline.com / East News

This is one of the oldest fashion rules in the book: shoes and bags should be of the same color. Today, however, having a matching shoe-purse combination is actually undesirable. When choosing the color of your bag and footwear, it is enough to make sure that their shades harmonize with each other.

7. A pedicure and manicure should match in color.

The nails on your toes and fingers don’t necessarily have to be the same color. This rule appeared long before nail polish manufacturers started to produce various colors. The cosmetic industry had made a huge step forward with these new colors which is why women couldn’t hold on to this fashion rule any longer.

Nails of different colors look stylish even on the same hand or foot — just make sure that they fit with the overall look. For example, neon nails won’t look good with office attire, however, they’d look perfect with a beach look.

8. A look is unfinished without a proper hairstyle.

Today’s fashion calls for unfinished looks. It would be enough to wash and dry your hair or make a bun if your hair looks too messy — a little carelessness looks quite nice.

After all, it’s up to you to decide how finished your image should be. Nowadays, there are no rules telling us how our hair should look. This ideal hairdo with an accompanying hat is only necessary at a royal reception.

9. Makeup is compulsory.

Rules for wearing makeup are similar to how we wear our hair these days. Thin lips and a long nose are no longer considered to be unfortunate, therefore, it is not mandatory to enlarge or modify them. Skin flaws should be treated rather than concealed beneath a thick layer of foundation. Eventually, leaving home without wearing any makeup, especially if your face looks healthy and rested, is more of a privilege rather than a faux pas.

Additionally, you can easily apply only mascara without also wearing lipstick or vice versa; or you can experiment with an “invisible” makeup. There are no strict rules related to wearing makeup except for general visual aesthetics.

10. It’s forbidden to buy clothes in colors that don’t match you.

If some shades don’t match your skin tone or style, simply move them away from your face. Bags, footwear, trousers, and skirts of particular shades can’t completely fail to match certain appearances.

Pay attention to the fact that we are talking about color shades — any color shade can look nice with any type of appearance.

11. You can’t wear white and yellow metals simultaneously.

Simone Comi / IPA / SIPA / East News, © jlo / instagram

The stereotype saying that white metal doesn’t match yellow metal has stayed in the past. It took place in times when golden items were used as a symbol of wealth and high status. Today, famous jewelers and designers find it appropriate to mix both metals in one piece of jewelry or in a look. This combination usually comes out very bright and extraordinary.

12. There shouldn’t be more than 3 colors in 1 look.

Again, this rule is only appropriate if the Queen invites you to have tea with her or if there is a strict dress code in your office. Nothing can limit the number of colors you wear in an outfit in your daily life. The main thing is that they match each other and look nice.

Moreover, if some details in your wardrobe are colorful, it doesn’t mean that other parts of your attire have to repeat the colors or the print.

13. Earrings shouldn’t be worn with a necklace and vice versa.

Multilayered jewelry items as well as wearing many chain necklaces with earrings look very cool nowadays. When choosing accessories, it is better to pay attention not to their number, but rather, to their relevance.

For example, a set of massive glittering earrings with crystals and a necklace of the same design will look weird if you are going for a walk in the park with your friends; while round earrings, several small pendants, and even a bracelet will finish the look and make it look freer.

14. Sporty clothes and footwear are meant to be worn for sports activities only.

Some time ago, sporty outfits were only worn outside gyms by children and residents of provincial towns. But with the growing popularity of healthy lifestyles, the sporty style has become an integral part of many daily wardrobes. Today, no one would be surprised seeing a combination of a skirt and trainers — all because fashion is becoming more democratic and comfortable.

Nevertheless, one should remember to appropriately measure how much sporty clothing they add to their everyday look. This will help you to avoid turning a comfortable look into an excessively relaxing look. For example, a combination of leggings and sneakers are still more appropriate while jogging only.

15. Different prints and patterns don’t match.

Joe Sutter, PacificCoastNews / East News, Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP / East News

Wearing different prints in one outfit requires great talent and sense of style but it helps one to look super fashionable and unusual. Perhaps this rule was made up to protect fashion-mongers from unsuccessful outfit experiments.

If you feel that you have enough skill in combining such looks, why not experiment with patterns? Modern fashion forgives even celebrities for failures, and in the case of a successful combination, you will be rewarded with attention and admiration of your style.

What other obsolete fashion rules do you think should be added to this list? Please tell us about them in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in September 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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