15 Parents Who Deserve Tons of Respect and a Pat on the Back

If “mom life” was converted into working hours, mothers would clock in about 98 hours per week, according to a survey. That’s almost like working 2.5 full-time jobs. Needless to say, parents — yes dads, we see you too — don’t have it easy. But they continue to go out of their way to express their love and support for their kids, just like these folks who gave us all the warm feels with their sweet gestures.

1. “If your kid wants you to be Frozen, you be Frozen.

2. “My buddy built this handicap-accessible snow fort for his daughter.”

3. “When your 3-year-old daughter wants to paint your nails:”

4. “Tea time! She told me I wasn’t dressed correctly for her tea party and made me put the dress on.”

5. “My sister stayed up all night making this cake for her daughter’s sixth birthday.”

6. “My son wanted to be an anglerfish this year, so we made this out of cardboard, wire mesh, LED lights, fabric, and a metric ton of hot glue.”

7. “My dad and the bassinet he built for me — 30 years later, we built a new one for my daughter.”

8. “I hate flying, but I love seeing new places. I turn 32 this week, and my mom still holds my hand when we take off.”

9. “Was a single dad for the first 6 years of my daughter’s life. We spent a lot of time being creative, and these are some of our chalk murals.”

10. “My daughter wanted to go to Disney World, but since it’s too expensive, we did the next best thing.”

11. “I graduated with my mom last May. It was a very proud day for my grandma!”

12. “My dad doing his best to celebrate my second birthday in 1995 when it was just the 2 of us for a while.”

13. The father designed this memorial for his wheelchair-bound son, who passed away at 10 years old.

It shows him rising from the wheelchair and reaching for the sky.

14. “My transgender son was nervous about coming out to our extended family.”

“His grandparents picked us up from the airport with his chosen name on their shirts.” The shirts say “Cole’s Grandpa and Cole’s Grandma.”

15. “My dad is a college professor. One of his students had to take her 4-month-old daughter to class with her.”

“The baby got fussy, so he did what any good dad would do. They spent almost the entire class like this!” — © owls_everywhere / Reddit

What is your fondest memory with your mom or dad? For parents, what was the biggest sacrifice you had to make for your child?

Preview photo credit owls_everywhere / Reddit


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