15 People That Just Wanted to Go on Vacation but the Universe Wouldn’t Let Them

3 years ago

All adults want vacations, period. So, when the day comes, and all the bags are packed, the tickets are bought, and the hotels are booked, the adventure awaits. But sometimes the universe has something else in store for us, and other circumstances might happen that turn the rest you wanted so much into a challenge.

We at Bright Side really want our readers to have awesome vacations. But some Reddit users weren’t that lucky.

1. “A $40-meal from room service”

2. “Please describe this in 3 words”

3. “What may look like wet sand on the back of our dog is actually rotting fish fat. It was meant to be a short stop by the sea on our road trip... 3 showers and 2 days later she still stinks.”

4. “Haven’t eaten in 12 hours on a road trip. Ordered a regular Beef n’ Cheddar roast beef along the way. This is what I received.”

5. “Traveled to Norway from Florida, spent 4 hours climbing pulpit rock in 40° weather with rain to be blessed with this.”

6. “On vacation in a remote cabin, and an acorn fell down from a very tall tree and completely shattered my back windshield.”

7. “Going on a 2-week vacation and just realized my headphones aren’t in the case.”

8. “We’re 2 days away from our vacation. Mice just ruined our boat.”

9. “The ‘Pool room’ at the hotel I stayed at”

10. “Apparently our hotel took our request for a mini-fridge very literally. Banana for scale”

11. “This is what I saw when I checked into my hotel last night.”

12. “Paid extra for this ’window’ seat.”

13. “My neighbors drove 4 hours to go hunting and found their camp had burned down”

14. “Flew to Kauai to view the Na Pali Coast.”

15. “My head support on a 14-hour flight”

Have you ever had some unpleasant things happen during your vacation? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit atlantisocean1 / Reddit


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