15+ People That Solved Everyday Problems in Offbeat (and Sometimes Brilliant) Ways

3 years ago

While we are still living in 2020, there are some people who are already far, far beyond that. We all have a friend like that, someone who’s so practical and creative at the same time that he or she makes us think that they should be working for NASA. Think about a kid adapting his bike to be able to ride it barefoot, or a useful ventilation system made out of recycled cartons, or even an iPad support made with just one fork. These, and more, are examples of what users posted on Reddit as witnesses of people going off the beaten path to create brilliant and not so brilliant inventions.

Bright Side took the time to compile some of the best, and oddest, “inventions” that users posted on Reddit to solve a problem in the easiest of ways. Take a look!

1. “Found this fork in my brother’s house and asked him why it was like this... then he ran upstairs to grab his iPad 😂😂”

2. “My 12 year old son modified his bike with carpet for barefoot riding.”

3. Street flooded? No problem.

4. “Looks like the bus door broke so it was replaced with a standard exterior door.”

5. “It got hot in our living room and my roommate had an idea...”

6. Sometimes good intentions are not enough.

7. Kid wanted a boat for the pool, but it wasn’t included in this year’s budget...

8. “My neighbor doesn’t need a fancy hammock.”

9. 9 out of 10 car thieves can’t (or don’t want to) open this lock.

10. “New door handle... Absolutely beautiful....”

11. “How to turn on 2 lights at the same time”

12. When you ask the architect for a boathouse and the plan backfires...

13. There you go, it’s fixed.

14. Found this scooter on my way to the pharmacy.

15. “We were painting a house and ran out of poles. This was our solution.”

16. This setup should come with every Netflix account.

Have you ever been as creative as the people from our compilation? Post a picture in the comment section along with a caption if you dare to share it with the rest of the audience!


The boat-house is just too much! How can people even think of those kinds of things?

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