15 People That Won’t Lift a Finger Unless They Absolutely Have To

3 years ago

All your cups are dirty and you still don’t want to wash them? If you are lazy enough, you can find a solution to any problem. Of course, being this careless can lead to the funniest situations.

Bright Side decided to dive into the whirlpool of photos and tweets to choose the most interesting pieces of evidence to show that there are no lazier creatures on the planet than humans.

1. When all the cups are dirty and you’re too lazy to wash them:

2. “I forgot this pizza in the oven about a year ago...”

3. “My mom asked my brother to make empanadas, but she didn’t mention the size. He was lazy, so he just made a big one.”

4. This is a new kind of family.

5. “My wife and I wanted to grow strawberries. It was cold, so we thought nothing would grow. A week later, we collected the harvest, but it was only 2-3 strawberries.”

6. Someone didn’t want to shake the vulnerable equilibrium of the universe by moving this tire.

7. “Got my mom a heat changing mug with a photo of us on it. She was so excited to try it out only to find out...”

“...that the company printed some other person’s picture on the mug.”

8. What a vicious circle.

9. “For years, I’ve had to live with weird roommates, pay crazy rent, and suffer from financial problems. And then I bought an RV.”

“My ‘mortgage’ is a whopping $300/month and full-timer insurance is $118/month. For anyone who is single and struggling financially, I recommend this lifestyle.”

10. When you don’t want to come up with any text:

11. “My friend called me and asked me to buy some bread and come to his place so he could pay me back. I went to his place and saw this.”

“He decided to not come out. He roped the money down to me and pulled up the bread. And I thought I was lazy.”

12. When you promise to start a new life tomorrow, but then realize that promises are not all that important, really:

13. The original $1,000 monitor stand

14. “So, we bought this old Soviet chair and restored it. 500 likes and I’ll show photos and videos of how I did it. I hope I don’t get 500 likes because I’m lazy.”

15. When you want to live in harmony with nature, but you work as a delivery driver:

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Preview photo credit WastingTime1994 / Reddit


I get so annoyed by people who do their jobs like the one at picture 6.. just move it!
Did she forget to pull it out for a whole year, or did she forget it and took it out some time after but now thinks back about it

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