15 People Who Are Having a Worse Day Than You and I Combined

11 months ago

Our tough days are like practice rounds for the universe’s comedy show. Imagine a 13-hour flight to volcano heaven, only to find a fog machine’s taken over. And if that’s a yawn, picture a tree making your car a convertible or your toddler moonlighting as a dentist, giving your tooth an early checkout.

1. “Not only did Grandpa already have this shirt, but he was also wearing it when he unwrapped it.”

2. “A part of the tree fell in my pool, again.”

3. “A bottle of sweet and sour sauce exploded in my bag.”

4. “Mother Nature decided that this BMW should be a convertible.”

5. “Might’ve been easier to test what I’m not allergic to.”

6. “Someone locked my bike with their own bike lock.”

7. “I forgot to put sun block on my legs during a kayak trip on the lake.”

8. “I’m a gym manager and this happened to me this morning when I was about to open.”

9. “Someone’s in for a rough afternoon.”

10. “Lost my phone in the woods, then I found it. But a car found it first.”

11. “After ripping out my front door, I learn there are different sizes for doors.”

12. “First lake day this year...” Oh these ospreys.

13. “It’s been on my finger for 22 years. Come home from a walk around the block to find the main diamond gone.”

I have an opal ring that is a rectangle opal on a inset band, out on the deck and glance down and the opal is gone. Oh s*** moment and just looked down, I'm in the yard! Like I'll find it in the grass right? It was right beside the leg of the chair.


14. “The in-laws invited us over for dinner; it was a trap.”

15. “Results from an allergy test — my body reacts to every type of local allergen.”

No breaking news: we often snooze through our routine, griping about minor setbacks. But ponder this: somewhere, someone’s having a “hold my disaster” kind of day. Here’s a proof of that.


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I'm allergic to a mystery thing. The doctor says my body shows there's something there, just haven't figured it out, so I have an epi pen with me at all times.


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