15 Inventions That Make the World a Better Place to Live In

3 years ago

Your life can be much easier with the help of new gadgets. From tiny nose filters to baby socks that monitor their health and let you sleep — it’s inventions like these that make us less worried and appreciate the time we have. And that’s exactly what many of us need in this hectic world of ours.

We at Bright Side keep stumbling upon useful innovations and would like to share 15 more with you.

1. Nets that keep the environment clean from trash

This Techno-Grabber is made to keep the environment free of waste. The construction is made of plastic that can be reused. Our world needs this thing and it’s very easy to use.

2. Nose air filters

Duo is a new comfortable filter that you simply insert into your nose. 9 out of 10 people breathe in polluted air and this little thing is made to change the situation.

Not only does this product protect us from pollution, but it saves us from other allergens and various harmful particles in the air.

3. A smart sock to keep your baby safe

We always strive to keep our babies safe, which is why inventors created a smart sock that’s capable of monitoring them at night. It tracks your baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate.

You will receive a notification that lets you know if your baby really needs you so you can have more peace of mind.

4. 3D printed houses for homeless and poor people

This is a different way of building houses. New Story charity created it to end global homelessness. Inventors say that traditional methods of building will never meet the current growing need so they created a fast 3D method that prints good-quality houses.

5. A filter that cleans your car of pollen and allergens

With this Tesla filter, you can drive anywhere with fresh air. You can adjust it to work anywhere in your car and it’s not big. As a benefit, it has automated on and off technology. The filter rids the air of smog, allergens, dust mites, pollutants, and other harmful substances.

6. A wireless charger and UV sanitizer

This is a useful thing since we take our phones everywhere, from public transport to the bathroom to the kitchen. You can take this charger everywhere because it’s wireless, and it can even sanitize your gadgets. With this device, you’ll feel a lot safer.

7. A portable toilet sterilizer

This is the first portable smart toilet sterilizer. Ensure your private area is clean anywhere, anytime! The gadget eliminates bacteria on your toilet seat just in 120 seconds. Plus, it’s easy to use and waterproof.

8. A compass that finds people, even without Wi-Fi

You can go with a group of friends to a festival or concert but sometimes our phones can’t help us navigate because they run out of battery or have a bad connection. LynQ Compass solved this problem. It finds friends and loved ones without needing to join a network or Wi-Fi. If you go on an adventure to the mountains or on a hike, the compass can be very useful and save you from getting lost.

9. A solar-charged jacket that keeps you warm and safe

This solar-charged jacket is made from a special highly-responsive material. It can glow in the dark with any light source you can find. You can use it for running even if it’s raining because it’s waterproof and highly breathable.

10. A hand-sized washing machine that cleans your clothes with the power of ultrasonic technology

Sometimes, washing your clothes can be a long procedure. This device cleans and disinfects your stuff with the power of ultrasonic technology. As producers say, “It’s gentle on all fabrics.” The effect lasts longer and stays fresh. You can take it with you on trips so you don’t have to worry about finding a washing machine.

11. An oversized and instructional mat for yoga

This mat can be an amazing solution for people who want to practice yoga but don’t have a teacher. It has printed sketches with the best exercises directly on the surface of the mat. And as an added bonus, it contains zero toxic material.

12. An ergonomic neck supporter

We spend hours working on the computer and our posture can deteriorate. To break out of this bad habit and protect your neck, inventors created a special supporter that keeps you in a comfortable position. Your posture stays at a 0-degree angle while wearing it.

13. A non-electric cat fountain that keeps water fresh

This cat bowl has no noise so your pet won’t be scared. The water in it doesn’t get stale or develop an odd taste, even after several days. It’s also made of safe materials so your little fluffy friend can stay hydrated and healthy.

14. A smart planter with feelings

Your plant can turn into your pet, revealing how it feels thanks to smart planters like Lua. It can measure the soil’s moisture, light exposure, and temperature and shows 15 different emotions so you can understand what it needs.

15. A device for sleep training that battles snoring

The device provides you with silent sleep training so all the members of your family will be happy. It’s waterproof and can be easily cleaned. The program is divided into 3 phases. To get some positive results, you will need to use it for 6 days a week for 15 minutes, then 2 days a week for 15 minutes before finally getting to the third step, which includes using it 2 times a month for 15 minutes at a time.

What invention would you like to have? In your opinion, what devices or gadgets do we need to make our world a better place?


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all of these are great invention i wish this all gadgets were available in stores like MR.DIY


I believe this yoga mat is a bit useless, you spend too much time concentrating on copying the pose and compromise the flow. It's better to watch a youtube video that teaches you yoga and repeat after it


I believe such nets need to get installed in every city or village, all around the planet


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