15 People Who Know the Real Meaning of Being Unlucky

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It isn’t news that we all sometimes take our day-to-day life for granted. We can go about our business and complain that here and there we may have bad luck. But maybe, somewhere out there, somebody’s having a worse day than you.

What is bad luck, anyway? Different cultures have their own take on the idea. For instance, in South Korea, it is believed that shaking your legs means shaking your wealth off. If you do that, you’re inviting some trouble.

Bright Side collected some stories that leave no question — no matter the superstitions in place, these people know what it’s like to have luck turn its back on you.

1. “When you spray tan and don’t count ’Mississippilessly’”

2. “Our front stairs randomly collapsed today.”

3. “The way my pasta spilled”

4. “Hail damage to my grandparents’ patio chair”

5. “The ear-shaped handle broke off of my Vincent van Gogh coffee mug.”

6. “Just normal milk shattered a glass perfectly in 2 and exploded the milk across the kitchen.”

“The glass wasn’t moved after; it’s that far apart from the force alone.”

7. “A circle of glass knocked out of a window by a chip of concrete thrown from a circular saw cutting kerbstone outside.”

8. “My new auto-folding umbrella just ejected when I tried to open it.”

9. “Must have been really windy to blow a window out!”

10. “I went to the gas station and came back to this.”

11. “Just started dating this guy a month ago, and I broke his shower door.”

12. “My roommate recently ran a marathon with a headband on, and it resulted in a mildly interesting tan line.”

13. “I broke my boyfriend’s tempered glass while cleaning up his PC, time to pack my bags because I’m gonna be single when he gets back home.”

14. “Mom, I swear it wasn’t me.”

15. “Went fishing, caught 2 branches in a row, and went to take a sip of my beverage, except there was a bee in it.”

When was the last time you had a particularly terrible case of things not going your way? Would you call it bad luck or a coincidence?


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