15 People Who Can Freeze Time Through Pictures

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Our lives don’t stay in one place and are always changing. Our children grow up, and we become older, and it’s interesting sometimes to compare how both we and our family members have changed over time. Luckily, people have found a way to do this — you just need an old photo, and you can recreate the same pic to make a fun comparison.

1. “My BFF and me, taken 20 years apart”

2. “Me on the left, my son on the right, 39 years apart”

3. “Me as a baby wearing a ridiculous wig vs me at 21 with the hair I ended up growing”

4. “15 years later and we still have that mall photo shoot swagger!”

5. “My mother in 1967 and my wife in 2017”

6. “My mom’s college graduation photo with my dad, and mine, 25 years later”

7. “From a 10-year-old Cub Scout to a 27-year-old Eagle Scout”

8. “18 years and counting of being best friends, ages 5 and 23”

9. “24 years in between”

10. “My 4 Brothers and me in 1997 vs 2017”

11. “Me in 1995 and 2010, British Columbia”

12. “My mother and me with the same hairstyle!”

13. “1991 — 2019”

14. “My family and me, Disneyland CA, 13 years apart”

15. “My little brother cleaned the toilet 7 years and a bathroom remodel later.”

Which photo gave you the biggest smile? Have you also tried to recreate an old photo?

Preview photo credit smilingsun / Reddit


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