15 People Who Didn’t Actually Want a Pet But Instantly Changed Their Minds

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Hair on the couch, chewed-up slippers, and toys all over the apartment are only a few reasons why some people might not want to have pets inside their house. However, taking care of them, especially cats and dogs, can reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. In fact, these are not the only benefits pets bring when they enter your home, but many more. And they will make you instantly forget the things you find annoying about them.

We at Bright Side believe that pets must use some kind of love potion, and these 15 people are proof.

1. “He didn’t want my daughter to get a cat.”

2. “He didn’t want a cat.”

3. “Grandpa with the kitten he didn’t want.”

4. “My dad dressed ’the dog he didn’t want’ in my childhood dress he kept for his first granddaughter.”

5. “My mom and the dog she didn’t want.”

6. “My wife and our cat (that she didn’t want) deep in conversation.”

7. “My dad didn’t want a dog. Now she’s his favorite little girl.”

8. “Dad and the dog he didn’t want.”

9. “The boyfriend who didn’t want a cat.”

10. “Just another dad with the dog he didn’t want.”

11. “I didn’t want a cat... I now can’t imagine how it was without him.”

12. “I will NOT be raising that dog.”

13. “From ’don’t bring that giant beast into my house’ to a ’I’m sorry I ran out of salami in my secret pocket stash’ hug.”

14. “Picture of my boy Collin with my dad who didn’t want a cat.”

15. “He never wanted a dog. 4 days after they met, she helped him to recover from a stroke.”

Did these photos convince you to adopt a pet? If you already have one, what benefits do you experience in your day-to-day life?

Preview photo credit pleasecreatemyacc / Reddit


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