15+ People Who Got Tricked by the Universe, and Not in a Good Way

year ago

Life leaves us surprises every single day, but not all of them are pleasant or welcome. Even the most infuriating or irritating situations that we face can have a good side to them if we choose to stay positive because what we might consider to be the biggest disaster or mistake can serve as a useful life lesson. And with time, our present misfortunes will turn into hilarious memories that will make us laugh whenever we look back at them.

1. When it’s cold...

2. It was in the oven

3. Unknown bug bite

4. "I got excited from far away about the motel having a swimming pool...’’

5. ’’Bit into this apple... Perfect on the outside.’’

6. ’’5 y.o. opened the beads box upside down.’’

7. ’’My sink water has had a metallic taste ever since I moved in, thought it was just the new city.’’

8. ’’I needed a pick me up, but I now feel worse after visiting the nail salon.’’

9. ’’My whisk shattered into rust. A whole dozen eggs gone to waste.’’

10. ’’My parents just bought this clock and the screen is both mirrored and upside down.’’

11. ’’Looks like I live outside now.’’

12. ’’Brand new laptop off the truck.’’

13. ’’This bread that looks perfectly fine from the outside, but is hollow.’’

14. ’’My bike broke in half, 8 km from my home.’’

15. ’’The toilet paper dispenser is outside of the bathroom stall.’’

16. ’’My boiled egg...’’

Can you relate to some of these situations? What was the strangest situation that you recently faced?


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