15+ People Who Have a New Definition of Creativity

year ago

We found people who took their imagination to a new level, proving how talented their minds are. These ideas reach their full potential by people expressing themselves and sharing them with others. They may look different, but they’re all definitely unique and witty thoughts.

1. Octopus wireless earphones

2. “Pass the burger and tea, please.”

3. A realistic cow mug

4. “My fish friend — his teeth are a mold of my fiancée’s teeth. He now sits in my office.”

5. “Louis Vuitton Minion”

6. A fashionable jeans bag

7. “Saw a sink/stove/mini-fridge hybrid at a customer’s house.”

8. “Candy corn wisdom teeth earrings with cavities”

9. “Meet my new guitar.”

10. “Leg lamp mug”

11. “Camel toes table”

12. “This Balenciaga and Crocs bag”

13. “It’s not stupid if it works.”

14. “I raise you my spam AirPods case.”

15. “This golf cart that a local dealership is trying to sell”

16. A guitar, eye version

17. “A bus door that I witnessed”

18. “Me: I’m having issues projecting my voice. Barber: Say no more.”

19. “Boot buddy on Wayfair”

Do you have any inventions that are similar to or as unique as these? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Zew* / Reddit


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