15+ People Who Have Their Hands Growing From the Right Place

2 years ago

Science tells us that by working with our hands, we can help our brain rest and find solutions to the problems we’re facing. But we have to admit that not all of us are born equal when it comes to this talent. And while some think that we can train our hands to become creative with time, others say that creativity can’t be learned. Either way, we believe that choosing to do what makes us happy, whether we excel in it or not, is the right path.

Bright Side is fascinated by all the wonders that the human mind and hands can produce. So we’re sharing the artsy creations of some skillful people that will leave you totally inspired.

1. ’’My dad fixed my kid’s favorite toy’s foot.’’

2. Before and after

3. ’’A beautiful project I’ve been working on for a few months now."

4. ’’Everyone said I was out of my mind 3 years ago when I started growing a pineapple from one I bought at the grocery store.’’

5. ’’I replaced my shoe’s laces with a zipper.’’

6. ’’My garage wall when I bought my house in 2016 to now — still a work in progress, but it’s coming together.’’

7. ’’My kid’s friend broke his snow globe and my partner fixed it.’’

8. ’’Due to the high cost of wood, I decided to make a play house entirely out of free pallets and free roofing.’’

9. ’’Rescued from the trash 2.5 years ago to nearly outgrowing my apartment today’’

10. ’’So my son fixed our shower...’’

11. ’’I covered a pen stain on my maternity pants.’’

12. ’’I reuse some items and improve organization.’’

13. ’’I made this jewelry box for my grandma. It’s made of oak from the stairs of her old house.’’

14. ’’A bit late to the party, but here’s my garden transformation.’’

15. ’’A desk I made from walnut and ash with a computer inside’’

16. ’’How I fixed my boyfriend’s hoodie’’

Are you a crafty person? What’s your ultimate secret to relaxation after a long and stressful day?

Preview photo credit minwor101/Imgur


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