15 People Who Hit the Love Jackpot and Found Someone to Grow Old With

2 years ago

Married couples are happier than unmarried couples who live together, and their relationships are healthier as well, says a study. But finding your better half can be a challenging journey and one that takes resilience. Fortunately, for a few folks, they achieved exactly that and are now living proof of that joy that’s often portrayed in romantic movies.

Bright Side now introduces you to some couples who truly know what living “happily ever after” is all about.

1. “My grandparents completed 60 years of marriage yesterday.”

2. “2 ’80s metalheads who have been married for 30 years”

3. “How it started vs how it’s going (1975-2020)”

4. “25 years of marriage and still in love!”

5. “10 years married today.”

6. “We got married 47 years ago. Marriages do last if you work on them.”

7. “My mom and dad have been married for 40 years.”

8. “26 years of marriage and counting”

9. “My parents have been together since they were 17, nearly 25 years.”

10. “My grandparents celebrated their fiftieth anniversary last year. They’ve been together since high school.”

11. “My grandparents have been married for 69 years.”

12. “My parents have been married for 44 years. The first photo is of them at their wedding. Still the best couple I know.”

13. “My grandparents have been together for 70 years. I can’t describe their love for each other. It’s boundless.”

14. “My parents from the early ’90s — they’ve been married for 20 years now.”

15. “My grandparents met when they where 18.”

Are you in a relationship yourself? Or are you still waiting for your own love story to begin?

Preview photo credit oskarege / Reddit


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